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💒 Your online wedding journal on Diariste

You and your significant other have taken the plunge, and the marriage proposal has been made? It's the perfect time to immortalize every moment from preparation to the big day on Diariste by keeping your own wedding journal. Diariste allows you to write everything you want: recount the proposal, list the long list of things to do, your inspirations, and ideas for the ceremony of your dreams, and even your unspoken thoughts. Learn more about this type of journal in this article 😉

Diariste is a fantastic place for discoveries and sharing, where topics are as diverse as personal journals. Many write about their daily lives, while others prefer to focus on a specific aspect of their lives, deciding that their personal journal will be a travel journal or a reflection journal or even a food journal, or a school journal... or even all of these at once, thanks to the option to have multiple journals on your Diariste account!

How about you? Tell me, how do you use your journal on Diariste? Maybe you're still figuring it out, so I offer to help by presenting an example of a journal you can keep on Diariste.

Why Keep a Wedding Journal?

Keeping a wedding journal on Diariste offers you numerous advantages, and you'll be grateful for it in the years to come when you read it again. Among the interests of writing a wedding journal are the following.

Therapeutic Value:
Keeping a journal can be incredibly therapeutic, and this will be invaluable throughout the preparation. The organization of your wedding can be an exciting, exhilarating, but sometimes stressful experience. Maintaining a wedding journal on Diariste throughout the planning process can help reduce your anxiety levels during this period. It allows you to put into writing and keep a special memory of what you felt in the months and the last days leading up to the big day. For example, I was able to record and document the events of my engagement as well as my bachelorette trip. I was also able to vent the stress related to buying and trying on my wedding dress, and even my minor disagreements about the preparations.

Sick to death of wedding planning? Wished you could run away? You can't post that kind of stuff on social media, but you can write it in your diary. Access it from anywhere and save it privately to keep it confidential. This way, you can vent all the accumulated stress during this period, and no one will ever know.

Draft Your Vows and Speeches:

Writing a wedding speech, along with your own vows, can be one of the hardest things to do for a bride or groom. Practicing writing by keeping a wedding journal allows your writing skills to evolve quickly. Plus, you'll also have more ideas about what you want to say! Virginia Woolf herself said that writing for an unsuspecting audience, "writing just to write," is excellent practice.

Decision Making:

Instead of settling for a traditional wedding binder or folder to stay organized, Diariste was created to be the hybrid of a wedding planner and a personal diary. Classic wedding journals are more likely to be forgotten or stored under the bed or in a drawer for months and months because it's less convenient. You'll write more easily on Diariste. It can help you make all the crucial (and daily) decisions related to planning. The reason is that you'll almost always have your phone in hand, and you can note down every idea that comes to mind at any time. These little things, like reflecting on why you prefer one reception venue over another, can really help you make a decision. Physically noting them encourages your brain to actually think about your choices and clarify your decisions. This will help you stay organized during wedding preparation.

Remember the Wedding Years Later:

Keeping your own wedding journal, especially in the last months, allows you to have written records of everything you might have felt at the time. From the day of your engagement to the big day itself, there's a lot you'll want to remember. Later, when going through tough times (they say "marriage takes work"), you can look back and remember all the reasons why you said "yes" and the promises you swore to keep. If possible, make sure both of you write on the wedding day itself. A few sentences will be enough to remind you of this important moment in your life. Keeping a journal allowed me to track everything that happened and record memories that would otherwise have been lost during wedding preparation.

Plan for the Future:
During your engagement, don't just plan a wedding, but take a few minutes to sit down with your fiancé and write where/how/who you want to be in 5/10 years. Plan for the future and write about how you see yourselves as a married couple: trips, children, careers, moves, etc. After discussing your future together, take a moment to write your current thoughts on marriage and your goals, each in your journal. Prepare not only for your ideal ceremony but also for your ideal marriage.

How to Keep a Wedding Journal?

Now that you know why it's beneficial to keep a wedding journal, you're probably wondering where to start?

Plan the Ceremony with a Wedding Journal:
Good planning will make the ceremony as close to your dreams as possible. With Diariste, you can keep a draft of all your ideas. You can record all your inspirations, from reception venues and dresses to the countless caterers your friends have recommended. You can easily create a list of pros and cons for each category to make your decisions.

Don't Forget the Hashtags:
When you tag each entry with a title and hashtags, like "Dresses" or "Table Name," you can easily go back and find all the journal entries related to the same part of your wedding projects.

Write During Your Breaks:
As mentioned earlier, planning your wedding is going to be stressful. You can relieve stress by writing down everything you feel during your breaks. You don't need to have an hour to spare to write a few lines. It's also not necessary to write long structured paragraphs; the idea is to relieve stress, so do it as you feel! But remember to be clear for yourself so that you can understand what you meant.

Record the Ceremony in Real Time:
Thanks to the live journal module accessible from any mobile device. You can record a part of your wedding ceremony and upload it directly to your online wedding journal. This is more convenient than doing a live on social media because you can always watch it, no matter how many years pass! You can also choose to keep it confidential and avoid prying eyes.

Add Photos and Videos:
You can upload as many photos as you want to your journal. This will be more convenient for organization. You can add all the photos you want to your page. This allows you to know what you're referring to when you say "Boho Chic Dress," for example. You can also upload photos of the ceremony.

When you're too tired to write, you can record a video and express yourself out loud. Again, if you don't want people to see it, just set the privacy to "private."

Ask for Input from Other Diarists:

This will be useful if by chance you're stuck on a choice and your friends can't decide either. You can simply put your story in public mode so that other members of the platform can see it. You can post a poll by marking your ideas with titles A, B, and C, and others will comment on their preferences. You might be surprised to hope for a particular option while waiting for the results; it will show you what you preferred from the beginning!

Write on the Big Day and Even After:

By writing on the Big Day, you can record a fresh memory of the celebration. You can reread it on each anniversary and recall every emotion throughout the day. You can also write a travel journal of your honeymoon for more happy memories.

Keeping a wedding journal on Diariste offers countless benefits not only during the organization but also in the years to come.

Does all this make you want to keep a wedding journal? Start today with the wedding journal on Diariste. If you have already kept such a journal when you were getting married, we would love to read about your experience in the comments section below and your tips or ideas for keeping this type of journal.

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