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Enjoy_Russian, today at 08:50
Tuesday 19 June 2018

WHAT RUSSIAN WORDS ARE THE MOST POPULAR DURING THE WORLD CUP 2018? Hey guys! I really love talking to foreigners. They are always ready to tell some interesting facts about their countries and they also ask so many questions about Russia. Currently [...]
tamra rene
tamra rene, 2018, June 04 at 13:15
Mom ain't here no more so it's I and R..

Mom drank herself too death leaving me and Rene to take care of and raise our twin seven year old sisters. Tiff has all but cut herself off from reality, Crystal has reverted back to acting like a baby. Rene and I have been having issues about what needs [...]
heartandaorta, 2018, May 30 at 11:57
Heart Surgery Recovery Time

Travel and sports activities, during the recovery time- Travel: Travelling short distances can be done after 3 weeks. But it is better to avoid this if possible. Bus travel is not advisable until 3 months. You can travel by train/air if required. Unrestricted [...]
Dr.Murad Abel
Dr.Murad Abel, 2018, May 22 at 14:38
The Steps to Conducting Academic and B..

Research is an essential part of conducting business and engaging in the scientific community. Students, academics, and business leaders participate in research to gain critical knowledge about particular topics they do not understand well. These topics can be anything from the discovery of new vaccines to have a greater insight of a target market. [...]
UniKornBreezie, 2018, May 14 at 01:57
Monday 14 May 2018

Hey everyone!!!!! Im UniKornBreezie! NIce to meet you:) I am a Mythical Magical Unicorn stuck on this planet humans call "Earth" I'm in need of some help you see.... I created this account here and it seems like there's a lot of people here and even a lot of active entries but it doesn't seem like ANYONE interacts with anyone else.... I wanted [...]
Black Magic Woman
Black Magic Woman, 2018, May 02 at 00:11

Hey Moon, Since today was a bank holiday, I woke up late, around 10.30 in the morning. I didn't want to leave my bed, it was soooo warm ♥ I planned to do so many things and as usual I nearly did nothing. I wanted to write a CV, play saxophone, learn [...]
Black Magic Woman
Black Magic Woman, 2018, April 20 at 02:41
This one friend

Dear Moon, It's very late and I'm still not sleeping. I was on the phone with Z. for hours. Our conversation was so intense and interesting, I didn't see the clock running. I love talking with this one very special friend. Our conversation was about [...]
Black Magic Woman
Black Magic Woman, 2018, April 18 at 11:24
Sun and Moon

I have fixed a name for both of you. You'll be called Moon and he'll be called Sun. I like the binary reference of it. It's as if one of you belong to the other diary. I like the idea of writing down my feelings on Sun during the day and doing the same [...]
Black Magic Woman
Black Magic Woman, 2018, April 17 at 13:44
New diary, same life

Dear diary, So I decided to start writing a diary in english. Maybe this will help me to practice it, as we are not allowed to write in the language of Shakespeare with the french version of the site. I'll tell you about my inner thoughts and the observations [...]

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