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Lee Annes Tinkle Poop
Lee Annes Tinkle Poop, today at 12:53
I had another trip to the hospital

I was on my scooter going down the front ramp and it dumped me big-time in too the flower bed. When I came too at the hospital I had a big knot on my head. They said that a sales-person of some breed found me so she called and there I woke-up. Two boards [...]
Kaitlyn and Annabelle
Kaitlyn and Annabelle, yesterday at 22:44
Aunt Lee Anne left us in charge on tak..

She came in saying she had loose-ends too tie-up in Dallas and that me and my other half must administer too Tamra. Tamra watched her leave and started smiling really big and headed for the bathroom and the new shower/commode wheelchair that came yesterday. She used it lastnight like she's always had it. I guess all the falls from that piece of plastic [...]
Gabrielle Thompson
Gabrielle Thompson, yesterday at 01:14
I can't not hold my stuff in so theref..

I just started doing like my friends' and no longer want or need too sit on the toilet to poop. I hold it till I can't not hold it any longer and let it come on out in my poop-catcher. I tell my Mom that I can't feel it and she buys it. I just got this laptop today and my friend Katie sent me a invite so here I am. She's been doing this since we got [...]
Kaitlyn Anne Marie
Kaitlyn Anne Marie, 2 days ago at 16:28
I have been in the hospital since the ..

Some time after my last entry I blacked out and awoke in the hospital. Aunt Katherine said she found me sprawled out on the porch with this laptop laying in the flower bed and my walker at the bottom of the ramp. I finally got what I've been needing for a long time and that's a damn wheelchair. I must hit hard because Katherine said that there was [...]
Annabelle Marie 3387
Annabelle Marie 3387, 2 days ago at 16:09
Aunt Patsy told us that we could celeb..

Patsy left a note and four $200.00 Walmart Gift Cards on the table this morning before she went to work. The note said that Jamie was supposed to come and bring us too Walmart at around 10:00 this morning and that yes he could buy us some beer if we [...]
Madison Marie Tinkler
Madison Marie Tinkler, 2017, June 25 at 03:08
Second day at new home

I woke up when the storms came through at 1:00 a.m this morning. The telephone as well internet was out of service, the power blinked off a few times after lightning strikes that knocked out the dish signal. I had a loaded pull-up on and with all that lightning there was no way that I was even gonna think about a shower. I am being ate alive by mosquitos' [...]
Lee Annes web diary
Lee Annes web diary, 2017, June 25 at 00:35
I have been so weak that I couldn't ge..

Ruth Ellen finally came back from wherever. I went in and layed down practically dragging myself. That was three days ago. My walker wouldn't magically up and help me walk. My legs has been like jello. I started running a fever with a col sweat then out went my lights. Ruth Ellen has been taking care of me with the twins help of course. I can hardly [...]
myamazinglife, 2017, June 24 at 15:58
The beginning 2nd part .

Dear diary, Here's the second part of my " compilation " I hope you'll help me about that one too . " If you're still reading , it means that you are curious which is probably a good thing, it means that I am not that borring :) The thing ( that you must have understood ) is that I have got issues with boys . If you knew me, you would have known [...]
Madison Marie tinklepoop
Madison Marie tinklepoop, 2017, June 24 at 09:52
I was woke up from lightning striking ..

Aunt Joyce is already up and around. Boy did that lightning strike rock the house or what. I got up and came in here where she is at. She said the coffee is in the kitchen if I wanted a cup so I took her up on the offer. She told me that she is cutting all ties with Mom after what she said about wishing she never got pregnant with me or my sisters. [...]

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