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theHARMinHARMONY, 2016, May 12 at 22:10

First thing that you need to know about me: I SUCK AT KEEPING JOURNALS. Writing has been a big source of calm for me since the dawn of time. Ha. Theatrics. I'm just comforted by the fact that there's somewhere I can go to when things get suffocating [...]
giacinto, 2016, May 01 at 21:32

Filosoa della matematica Anno 2009-10 Il programma di Hilbert, e Godel (1900-1931) INDICE Presentazione 1 L0Europa e lamatematica all0inizio del Novecento 5 La nuova logica: Scienza o immagine speculare del mondo? 13 Il metodo assiomatico 19 Avventure di una parola 43 Heidelberg; 1904 57 Definitheit 67 Il teorema di Lowenheim
anonymous, 2016, February 01 at 07:03
Monday 01 February 2016

08:03 It's a new month though the same problems linger on.. Ahhh frustration is still around but have to have faith and keeps hanging on
21, 2016, January 06 at 12:57
Happy New Year 2016 !

Diariste wish you a happy new year 2016 full of joy, happiness, secrets, curiosity, and sharing. Waiting your future entries, retrospective on this emotionally charged year 2015...
anonymous, 2015, December 31 at 12:43
goodbye 2015

it's the last day in 2015 or the last 12 hours; in this time i'm thinking what i had done in this year? 2015 wasn't the hardest year in my life and not the best too now ,i have a lot of  feelings , i now that 2016 will be harder than 2015 so i'm a little bet scary i don't how to explain this feeling , it's just terrible asking my self ;how many good [...]
melmel58, 2015, December 29 at 23:08
The last day

Today, was one of those days... ... the type of days when I'm glad I'm still here, yet I wish I was dead ... the days when I wish I had more time Tomorrow, my dad leaves for Afghanistan.. and I don't know how to feel about that no one, and I mean no one, has ever walked out on my... on my family like this, he just got back from Europe and now he [...]
highmoralbitch, 2015, December 15 at 22:43
Tuesday 15 December 2015

                                             THE EASIEST WAY TO BURN BODY FAT AND LOSE WEIGHT FASTER I have finally found the easiest way to lose weight faster and without any danger . It's called intermittent fasting .. and how [...]
Etincell_e, 2015, December 11 at 23:27

Diary,           Overthinking kills my happiness. I’m so scared from this relationship, but I can’t just give up on it. It means so much to me and to him. He is so happy that he couldn’t believe himself, and I can’t hide you that I’m [...]
oussama, 2015, December 10 at 15:23

its december it almost  2016 and i don't feel success and i don't feel change i feel that im the same boring person i was in 2014 and 2015 . But this last days i had a feeling that tell me what ever happens what ever people say about me i ll make my dream come true. Since i start talking about dreams , let me tell you what is my dream . some of you [...]

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