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Jennifers TinklePoop
Jennifers TinklePoop, 1 hour ago
I am ditching my email address for thi..

Gmail wants a phone number for my email account and I don't have one. Since I am the only SQUAW here for now, this is what's going down in my tee-pee. I made some tamales yesterday putting benefiber in the masa. I woke up about ten minutes ago thinking [...]
fcons, today at 04:47
Koch Brothers

fund corporate foes of municipal broadband projects
fcons, yesterday at 07:27
Bill Moyers

retires from journalism
fcons, 2 days ago at 05:38
Jeanine Pirro

is being sued by DeRay
fcons, 2017, December 14 at 05:44
Climate Change

Human-caused climate change tripled the odds of Hurricane Harvey's deadly deluge in Texas
fcons, 2017, December 13 at 08:19
Paul Ryan

still turning a blind eye to Farenthold's 'frat house on the Hill'
Katelyn or Lee Anne
Katelyn or Lee Anne, 2017, December 12 at 13:36
This is my first Diary, well, our firs..

We just got introduced to this Diary from our cousins that just moved in a couple miles away. We would like too say more except we didn't realize till the alarm went off that we need to wake up Annabelle and Tiffany to get them ready for school. I just pray they haven't already missed their bus. BYE
fcons, 2017, December 12 at 09:12
Lindsey Graham

is promoting Trump's golf course. He should be ashamed of himself
fcons, 2017, December 11 at 07:35
Mick Mulvaney

sought to nix consumer protections just weeks after cashing industry checks

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