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BRAZOS RIVER STAR, 2 hours ago
Thank God we have our pull-ups' becaus..

We have not been around nobody for a good while but Damn did we get hit right between our eyes while we were out bin the backyard cooking chicken on the grill. I got from my wheelchair in to my lounge chair while they were playing with each other and then like a dam burst in our poop-chutes it seemed like all at the same time we had the worse case [...]
Katelyn Anne Marie 666
Katelyn Anne Marie 666, 3 hours ago
Kaitlyn just hit the bathroom. This is..

I hope to never come across another snake as long as I am alive because where we just came from those M_F'ers are every damn where. Hell, a bobcat as big as a German Shephard dog tried to attack Anna and Belle when they were out under a Juniper tree [...]
Katelyn Anne Marie 666
Katelyn Anne Marie 666, today at 10:45
I took the i out after the a and put a..

I changed my name around a little bit taking on my cousin's name but as far as me and my sisters goes, it is all the same. We have been gone for a really long time out where there is no internet or phone service, no cellphone towers or anything. We have been at my friend Lexie's cabin way out in the middle of nowhere. A generator was our only source [...]
Angel Enne
Angel Enne, today at 07:39
Best Family Hotels in Malaysia and rea..

Hotels in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia are quite well known to be family friendly and have some of the best accommodations to offer to its guests. They cater to children of all ages with facilities like swimming pools that have been specially designed for the [...]
fcons, today at 05:59
Glenn Greenwald

said Trump had a "non-interventionist mindset"
fcons, yesterday at 06:29

Amazon continues to sponsor Breitbart despite their bigotry
Katelyn Annes Web Diary
Katelyn Annes Web Diary, 2 days ago at 18:55
My sister Star is coming home from the..

Star went camping with some friends and they turned on her then beat the crap out of her. She was asleep this whole past week hooked up to life-support, she woke up and said that her friends didn't get in trouble. They had a bottle of whiskey, Star does [...]
BRAZOS RIVER STAR, 2 days ago at 13:50
Yesterday went smooth as silk with Kat..

Katelyn kept a lid on her temper. Her and Lee Anne had a day of play mostly outside in the shade of two huge pecan trees. I didn't realize the amount of time we were outside and when I seen it 5:00 P.M I nearly lost my breath. When we came in Katelyn took Lee Anne and got them some night-clothes and in the shower without one cross-word. I told them [...]
fcons, 2 days ago at 06:01
Dick Gregory

Rest in Peace

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