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🤰 Pregnancy Journal: 9 Months Pregnant on Diariste

Pregnancy is a period rich in emotions, colored by thousands of good moments. There are also less pleasant moments. However, this fluctuation fills our mothers' hearts with joy, making each moment indelible and transforming them into memories that never fade. The pleasure of rereading these pages a few years later is priceless. That's why maintaining a pregnancy journal during this unique period in the world is not such a bad idea.

Yes, you can opt for an online pregnancy journal on Diariste. This option allows you to share what you feel more easily. You can, of course, keep your writings private. This choice is entirely up to you.

Diariste is a fantastic place for exploration and sharing where topics are as diverse as personal journals. Many write about their daily lives, while others prefer to focus on a single aspect of their life, deciding that their personal journal will be a /Diariste.com/posts/travel-journal-why-and-how-to-keep-a-travel-journal">travel journal, a journal of reflections, a food journal, a /Diariste.com/posts/school-journal-3-good-reasons-to-start-it-now">school journal... or even all of them at once, thanks to the possibility of having multiple journals on your Diariste account!

And you, tell me, how do you use your journal on Diariste? Perhaps you're still exploring, so I suggest helping you by presenting an example of a journal you can keep on Diariste today.

Why write a pregnancy journal?

Ready to change your life, you are starting to experience the first months of your pregnancy. Whether alone or accompanied, you don't have to be afraid of the moments to come. Every moment of this period is magical. And indeed, you will discover it little by little. So, don't you think it's the best time to start a pregnancy journal? There's nothing better to record these 9 emotionally rich months. From the beginning of the adventure, you can create memories and record them every day. You'll see that in the end, you did the right thing.

Your pregnancy journal helps you refocus on yourself.

This bulletin is an effective way to take stock of the progress of your pregnancy. Every day, you realize that your life is changing. A little being is growing inside you. It keeps growing. And at every moment, it shows you its presence.

Its existence depends on you. So, it is important that you refocus on yourself, your priorities, and especially on your desires and the lifestyle you want to maintain. Don't let yourself be overwhelmed by external influences and negative comments around you. Write in your journal your desires, your future projects, and the steps to take to achieve them. This way, you will manage to focus on the essential: YOU and your child.

Your pregnancy journal soothes your mind and helps you find the way.

All your feelings, the baby feels too. If you are happy during the nine months, the baby is too. It senses your stress, it tends to affect it more than you think. You directly transmit both positive and negative vibes to it. So, the ideal is to let go of your fears and calm your mind as best as you can.

Writing is often an effective way to free yourself from these doubts. If you can put words to it, verbalize and articulate your fears and deepest doubts, you will find it easier to find solutions to your troubles. Nothing is taboo in your pregnancy journal. You can talk about everything in your bulletin.

You share your thoughts, wishes, and perspectives there. By recording all of this, you manage to sort things out, position yourself, and move forward.

Your pregnancy journal accompanies you throughout life.

A few years after the birth of your children, you begin to notice that they are growing a little too fast. They become more independent, less available, and less present. They are no longer the babies who constantly need your help. Then, you reread your memories and rediscover that magic and happiness. You fall back into each of those moments, and you realize how fortunate you are to have had the opportunity to give life to a little being.

How to keep a pregnancy journal?

An optimal organization of your journal is essential not to lose track. It assists you and helps you have a constant overview of the situation's evolution. To do it right, I advise you to set up several sections. Decorate and subdivide your writings according to your current inspirations. However, the ideal is to have the following paragraphs. Indeed, this approach is a simple way to track your pregnancy. You get a lot of information over the weeks and months, so it's up to you to do retrospectives from time to time. This will pull you towards the right path to follow.

A clear follow-up of your evolution is practical to help both you and your little one stay healthy. It is imperative to keep an eye on:

- Your diet,
- Your sleep,
- Your ultrasounds,
- Your weight and your baby's weight,
- Your sensations,
- Your fears,
- Your habits,
- And everything that goes on in your mind.

The tools that Diariste provides you
On Diariste, countless tools are at your disposal. You sign up on the site, and all these elements are within your reach. So, all you have to do is write and let your creativity flow. You can share your daily life as a pregnant woman. You can talk about anything and everything. The important thing is that you find refuge in your writings and share about yourself, your emotions, and your feelings. This way, you show your friends the path that lies ahead, the challenges they might face, and above all, the immense joys that pregnancy generates.

Transport your audience into your world and don't hesitate to be authentic. Diariste offers you a variety of technologies to add flair to your pregnancy journal. In this way, you can personalize your pregnancy journal according to your own preferences.

The videos

Diariste is not just about writing. During your free time, you can create videos. The platform offers this type of support to enhance your profile. With the current digitization, all statistics testify to the importance of sharing in video format. If you want to convey a message to your audience, audiovisual support is ideal. This says more than words. And in some cases, words are not enough. Also, the video captures in images your memories and emotions of the moment. In the future, you will find it more satisfying to have videos of yourself and your surroundings documenting your 9 months of pregnancy, during the wait for the little angel.

The images

As important as videos, images are essential in your pregnancy journal. They add more value and depth to your writings. Your content becomes more valuable and reflects your image. Personalizing your profile and works generally involves adding some images.


Setting the tone, rhythm, and passion through music or simply through sound: that's what Diariste offers to its users. Indeed, the site provides you with various tools to express your aspirations. On your Diariste page, you can enhance your writings with background music.


If you lack time to write, you can express yourself through your voice. You can make an audio recording in which you discuss your issues or inner joys. The idea is to help you externalize, formulate, and put into words what you are experiencing at that moment. It is for these details that Diariste is the ideal companion during your nine months of pregnancy.

Diariste is accessible everywhere

You will have no difficulty accessing your journal anywhere: at home, at the office, outside in a tea room, or on the stands of a football field... Indeed, the site's responsive version makes it accessible on mobile devices. Now, you can view your journal from your smartphone.

When you print your own pocketbook

The possibilities are multiple on your site. Diariste offers you the opportunity to print your writings to turn them into a pocketbook. You can illustrate your art on paper. As you have not limited yourself to writing and regularly use personalized content, you end up creating a beautiful pocketbook that tells everything about you. Diariste then opens up countless perspectives for you. It's up to you to explore the angle that suits you and in which you find fulfillment. When the baby has arrived, you may miss your pregnancy journal. The good news is that Diariste can allow you to write about anything you want 😉

All of this makes you want to keep a pregnancy journal? Start today with the pregnancy journal on Diariste. If you've already kept such a journal while pregnant, we'd love to read about your experience in the comments section below and any tips or ideas you have for maintaining this type of journal.

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