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✈️ Travel Journal: Why and How to Keep a Travel Journal?

I often get asked the question: Why create an online diary website where it is possible to write one's diary in public and private, when it should only be in private? The main reason is simple: Diariste is not only there to write your "private diary", it can be used to write your dream diary, your wedding diary, or even your travel diary (also known as a travel journal). All reasons to want to share what you're experiencing, what you're feeling, and what you're discovering.

Write your travel journal

Traveling, discovering new horizons, experiencing new things... and having the pleasure of sharing these unique moments with my loved ones. The travel journal was the first type of diary that made me want to create Diariste. Immortalize these unique moments of first times in a new place, a new country. Whether in text, photo or even video, you will find everything you need on Diariste to create and relive your trips.

Diariste is a great place for discoveries and sharing where the subjects are as numerous as the diaries. Many write about their daily lives, but others prefer to focus on one aspect of their life by deciding that their diary will be a travel diary or a reflective diary or a food diary, or a school diary... or even all of this at once thanks to the possibility of having multiple diaries on the same Diariste account!

And you, tell me, how do you use your diary on Diariste? Maybe you're still looking for yourself so I propose to help you by presenting you an example of a diary that you can keep on Diariste today.    

Why write a travel diary?

In addition to immortalizing your memories in one place, keeping a travel journal has many advantages, including:

Enjoying your trip even more

Traveling is an opportunity to discover new languages, cultures, people, and foods! Taking the time to record what you experience will help you to observe and appreciate these new things more.

Improving your memory

When you live without worrying about memories, many details end up fading from your memory... But the best memories are often in these small details that made your trip an unparalleled experience. Talking about your trip is a way to anchor it in your journal and also to reinforce it in your memory.

Reflecting on what you're experiencing

Your travel journal will allow you to gather all your emotions in one place. The act of gathering all your experiences from an unparalleled experience will allow you to come back to it later and observe what you've experienced. You'll be able to take the time to think about what you liked, what made you excited, what you didn't like, and what you'd like to change for next time.

Sharing your trip with loved ones

While a postcard has the unfortunate habit of arriving several days after your vacation... Share an experience in real-time with your loved ones through your online travel journal on Diariste! Personalized video messages to say hello, pictures of your excursions, an interactive map of the places you've visited, and more - all possibilities to experience and share a new experience with your loved ones.    

How to keep a travel journal?

Plan your trip with your travel journal

Start traveling before you even leave by researching your destination. Use travel guides such as Rough Guides, Michelin, and Lonely Planet to gather information and add it to your journal. Make a list of restaurants to try and unique places to visit. While it's good to leave room for improvisation, planning can make your trip even more enjoyable. Your travel journal will be your personal guide.

Tip: With the "Map" feature on Diariste, you can add your destination city or cities to plan your road trip. 

Write in real-time while traveling

Diariste is available on computer, tablet, and mobile phone, so you can add to your journal in real-time with the "live journal" feature. This feature will display a mini form where you can quickly add a sentence or two, or a photo, which will automatically be added to the day's entry with the time of your addition. This way you can track your vacation day by day.

Write during your breaks

If you don't have time to write throughout the day, take advantage of quiet moments, like after a meal, to sit down and write about your half-day or day. This simple ritual will help you easily fill your journal and have a complete retrospective of your trip.

Add photos, videos, and audio

Diariste is a website that allows you to have your travel journal online, so take advantage of the benefits of digital by personalizing your journal even more with photos of what you're experiencing, videos of your outings, and even audio recordings.

And because sometimes pictures speak louder than words, Diariste also gives you the option to create a video or audio journal to tell your experiences in your own voice. It's an even more effective way to show your emotions and your tan lines 😋

Write after your trip

Returning from a trip doesn't mean the end of your traveling! With your journal, immerse yourself in your memories by asking yourself questions like:

"What did I like the most?"

"What did I learn?"

"What surprised me?"

"What would I do differently?"

In addition to getting to know yourself better, you can take stock and enjoy your next trips even more!

Diariste allows you to create a travel journal with which you can travel through your memories, privately or publicly by sharing it with a growing community! At the same time, you can also travel through the writings of other nomadic diarists and meet people who have experienced the same adventures as you!

If you're used to keeping a travel journal, we'd love to read your feedback in the comments section below and any tips or ideas you have for keeping this type of journal. 😉

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