The term Diariste is a neologism derived from English Diary (Personal Journal) and the old french Diaire (book of reason). It refers to the author of a diary.

A diary or personal journal is a support generally intended to be kept secret, as letter without a recipient, doomed to be never read. Its author, a diariste, writes daily:

  • his adventures:
    ordinary or extra-ordinary, keep a trace of your travels, your discoveries or events in your life.
  • his memories:
    like a biographer, recount your childhood memories.
  • his joys:
    a wedding? a birth? a gift? or just a moment of happiness? There's no better time than now to tell what it feels like. Later relive the intensity and all the small details of an event that marked your life.
  • his sorrows:
    like a therapy, write about what is hurting you or making you angry.
  • his thoughts:
    safe and private, your diary is also your secret garden.
  • or even his dreams...

Diariste offers you the possibility to have your free diary or free personal journal, but mainly your online diary. Access to your diary from anywhere in the world, from any computer, and whenever you want to. Whether in a few hours, a few days or even a few years, find the history of all your posts.

Respecting the spirit of a diary or personal journal, Diariste protects your most intimate thoughts. With the help of a secret key (username and password), you have access to your diary or personal journal, and you can freely manage all your posts so you can choose to make them visible or not for other readers.

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