QAPlumbing, 2018, November 27 at 13:01
QA Plumbing - Expertise You Can Trust

Being one of the reputed plumbing companies in Western Australia, we provide the best-in-class plumbing services in Mandurah, Peel Region, Eastern Goldfield Regions and many other remote sites around [...]
heartandaorta, 2018, November 09 at 14:39
Blunt Chest Trauma

Aorta can be injured in variety of accidents or trauma. A piercing or penetrating injury by a sharp object can directly injure the aorta in the thorax or abdomen. These injuries are often instantly fatal [...]
heartandaorta, 2018, October 24 at 17:21
Heart Palpitations

Awareness of one’s own heartbeats is known as Palpitation. Valve disorders can present with various types of rhythm disturbances. Extra beats (Premature atrial / Ventricular Contractions) are quite [...]
JoryCuttitte, 2018, September 15 at 06:56
Top off your beer, not your tree!

Topping a tree is generally an outdated practice that can often times cause more harm than good. Because of the way trees heal their wounds, you create a situation where the wood then becomes exponentially more susceptible to a variety of structural and fungal ailments. Topping is the process of removing [...]
une anonyme
anonymous, 2018, August 04 at 06:25
my misery ?
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une anonyme
anonymous, 2018, July 04 at 19:11
w 7.3.18 clear sky, wg rested I was learning about the Illuminati. That the Masons, tho an international organization, are not at the top. They take their orders from middle-men between them n god. These middle men, the Illuminati, esteem themselves above the law. They create their own set of rules. [...]
heartandaorta, 2018, June 22 at 15:46
Loss Of Appetite, After Heart Surgery? There Are Several Reasons

There are several reasons for loss of appetite. Distaste caused by some of the medications (especially antibiotics and painkillers) is a common problem. Acidity caused by stress and some medicines is [...]
heartandaorta, 2018, June 22 at 15:33
Tiredness Or Fatigue: How Common, After Heart Surgery?

Tiredness/Fatigue: This is quite common after a major operation. The body is busy doing the repairing process of the wound. Heart is getting accustomed to the changed scenario. Allow adequate rest for [...]
Enjoy_Russian, 2018, June 19 at 08:38

Joanna's trip to Russia

Joanna was learning russian in Petrozavodsk for 3 months
tamra rene
tamra rene, 2018, June 04 at 13:15
Mom ain't here no more so it's I and Rene raising Tiff and Crystal

Mom drank herself too death leaving me and Rene to take care of and raise our twin seven year old sisters. Tiff has all but cut herself off from reality, Crystal has reverted back to acting like a baby. [...]
heartandaorta, 2018, May 30 at 15:27
Heart Surgery Recovery Time

Travel and sports activities, during the recovery time- Travel: Travelling short distances can be done after 3 weeks. But it is better to avoid this if possible. Bus travel is not advisable until 3 months. [...]
UniKornBreezie, 2018, May 14 at 01:57
Monday 14 May 2018

Hey everyone!!!!! Im UniKornBreezie! NIce to meet you:) I am a Mythical Magical Unicorn stuck on this planet humans call "Earth" I'm in need of some help you see.... I created this account here and it seems like there's a lot of people here and even a lot of active entries but it doesn't seem like [...]
uthpada, 2018, March 30 at 13:10

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uthpada, 2018, March 30 at 06:30
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uthpada, 2018, March 30 at 06:29
Friday 30 March 2018

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