Livre des secrets

I confess,Im starting To Hate My Wife nowadays after Ive found out her Agenda, Her Evil Plan towards Me.....

I confess, something is going wrong in my life . I have known this beautiful girl who actually really treated me great! I wouldnt ask for more! but now things has changed , she lrft unfortunately and i'm here grieving...

I confess, I want someone to love me and me to love him or her. I don't care if I'm gay I just need love. I need to have sex with him or her every night and to feel every crevis nook and cranny on their body and for them to feel me the same way.LOVE

I confess,I would love to have sex with a woman, just once..

I confess,I've had a boyfriend and my parents never and still don't know about. The relationship was bad he was a little weird. Not in a good way. Turns out he's a creep and a stalker who smokes pot who's was and I think still is deeply in love by m

I confess, i know that i accepted the fact that im a lesbo ! im still in love with this girl even though i had a gf 1month ago , but i just cant resist myself it has been 10 months now and im still writing abt her .. i breath her .. i admire her ..

I confess,that it's annoying to have a group of friends that make me uncomfortable around them but still being friends with them just so i don't be an outsider .

I confess, i'm scared of him asking me out.

I confess, that it really is embarrassing that a boy kissed me. I hate my friend who lead me into this horrible mess, I have not yet told anyone, nobody knows except for my friends who were around me when that happened. Me+ the world= A big bomb

I confess, I think I have a crush on my best friend (who is also a girl) but I have a boyfriend... Am I bisexual? But I'm not sure if I like her... I'm not sure if I like anyone. I just want to figure out what I am already.

À ne pas manquer

- Monday 26 October 2015 - Followed always by the past.

par Yasha