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23/03/2015 - 21h03

Hard life but I won't give up

I thought  a thousand times before writing this ,  but I want to speak about my own hard experience : " living in another country " ( I won't mentio ...

18/03/2015 - 21h03

Taking my heart to a sea ice </3

They always said that I m wasting my time  , that I do stupid stuffs like loving him , that I don't use my mind when I see him .......etc  They don' ...

04/03/2015 - 14h03

b day

my b day on the 17 of july  ...

27/02/2015 - 20h02

February 27, 2015

I'm alive. I wanna live. The more I write the more I see that I'm never creating characters, I'm just living through myself, vicariously. Pasting pret ...

26/02/2015 - 19h02

No Breakup Is Worth Crying For

No breakup is worth crying for because whenever a breakup comes through your life you are always going to cry.  Some just need to accept, the love wa ...

26/02/2015 - 19h02

The funeral of my love

Now, I can assume that my love is dead as well as my heart. But indeed, I didn't realize that it already dead two years ago. I was living lies, feelin ...

15/02/2015 - 17h02

another one

i lose him :/ another one i couldn't save him from himself dear you give your self a second chance plz :( ...

10/02/2015 - 21h02

February 10th.

Ah well, I guess things are looking up for me. On the other hand, my expression of disgust with that sick bunch of people made them declare war on me. ...

05/02/2015 - 14h02

Thursday 05 February 2015

14:40 Just came back from my therapist. My state of mind and mood were completely changed as sleep deprivation over the fictitious journals of my book ...

05/02/2015 - 13h02

5:37 AM, Home.

Jane is about to wake up to work. I can tell from her moaning and sighing. I foresee my own self having to fix the coffee this time, but it's okay.  ...
04/02/2015 - 09h02

Diariste strengthens its security


Protect your diary with a password is good but only if nobody finds or steals it... Security of your diary has always been our priority. That's why to ...

31/01/2015 - 05h01

mis amigas

the photo are my friends (I'm also in the photo) are called: Kenzie , Brooke , Maddie, Kendall, and above are : Nia and Paige. ( they are said in orde ...

31/01/2015 - 04h01

My New Life...

My name is Chloe Lukasiak and I have 5 brothers ( 1 female 4 male) together we are 6 children , but I am the only daughter of my mother , I have 12 ye ...

31/01/2015 - 04h01

This is me...

Hello everyone, this is my first blog ( I'm new ) the photo is me and I hope to please everyone, I am very friendly , I'm new so here not much , just ...

27/01/2015 - 14h01

Dear Me !

dear Me ! I'm so poor unfortunately :( and I'm stumped for all of this people around to me !! why should they pretend the loves me .. they can say the ...

20/01/2015 - 15h01

Tuesday 20 January 2015

13:19 Hey my Love ! Could talk to you in French, of course, as it's our mother language, but... But I have to improve my English if I want to survive, ...

20/01/2015 - 15h01

To Di... (1)

01.12.2015, 2:59 am. My Di, As Ho talks to the All-Father every night, asking for guidance and protection for us three, I had the feeling tonight ...

19/01/2015 - 19h01

a simple coffee

a simple coffee can change every think ! i figured out u wont tell me uy real feeling.. so i'm not good enough to be yours... if you want to be togeth ...

19/01/2015 - 16h01

Friend as a keepsake

an old friend well should I say about her an old friend ?! a charming hours we was spend it together ..  I'm pretty sure she have a splendid moment ...

15/01/2015 - 20h01

My Big LiE !!

You know since i Add you to my account Face!! I felt the distance between us, i felt you getting away from Me !! I start telling my BBF that I'm letti ...

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