Livre des secrets

I confess,i think i might be bi-sexual but i dont know how to come out

I confess,I really like this guy a lot now I never hear from him and I'm broken over him because we were so close now nothing,makes me so sad ,why what did I say wrong

I confess, that I really want a bf . He has to be cute and has to have a good personality . But we all know that will never happen. When it does I prabably will want sex

I confess,I met a lady in the park and she need to sleep with me. I wonder what to do go ahead or. Not. ..there is now a battle in my heart either to be dishonest to my spouse or not. ..mmm. ...I sometimes feel to keep her limiting to just keep

I confess I am too shy to talk to my crush.. he is cute kind and funny.. but every time I am around him I get a little nervous and fluttery inside..

I confess, why the people always say money!money! But never think about relationship & every body will go with out money one day .

I confess, I am a lowly soal. Alone with no love. Only 14.

I confess, im desperate for love! I want a girl in my life , I need a fucking gf in my fucking life !!!!!!! I want to have sex like really bad!!

I confess,I want to get down on a girl so badly! after all i don't only want to have sex or make love to her , I wanna feel the LOVE!

I confess, my boyfriend and I have been in a very long relationship off and on But I just can't seem to get my ex out of my mind , I'm so gaga over him and it's been almost 3 years ,I have never cheated but sometimes I wonder..what if..

À ne pas manquer

- Monday 26 October 2015 - Followed always by the past.

par Yasha