Livre des secrets

I confess, that I love him still even though he as a new girlfriend. I want to claw the bitch's eyes out every time I see her. I miss his arms around me, his mouth against my mouth, the very scent of him. He and I are meant to be together.

I confess, i accepted the fact that im a lesbian , oh gog this girl changed my life to a dream ! i love it! but it hurts too.. the way she treated me its ... im out of touch with her now and its killing me , i WANT HER SO MUCH IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!June.

I confess, that I today I saw a guy that I used to have a hugely embarrassing crush on.(I was like a 6th grader or something xD). Anyways, worst things is that I never actually told him about it and seeing him today just sparked those feelings again.

I confess, that i used to have deep feelings to a young lady , she inspires me a lot , i wrote abt her a lot , i even imagened my life + her , i dony know ! the prob i dont know her in real life i only spoke to her on fcb but somehow im into her ....

I confess, Although I'm married I still have urges to be with another man

I confess, behind my smile is a combination of raging hate & raging hurt,

I confess, I don't like sex anymore.

I confess, that I'm still inlove with him. I miss his touch, hands, eyes, smell, all of him.. Even his dick. And I am still hoping that he will come back to me.

I confess, I'm married and yet I have fallen in love with another beautiful woman who is also married and she loves me so much also. Many times we have tried to forget each other for the better of our families but we're unable to break the bond.

I confess, that I have cheated before and he doesn't know.

À ne pas manquer

- Monday 26 October 2015 - Followed always by the past.

par Yasha