Livre des secrets

J'avoue, j'ai peur que malgré mon apparent succès avec autrui, je ne trouve jamais personne pour m'aimer comme je suis : un homme trans.

I confess, that I have a lot of secrets and it helps to get this burden of my shoulders by writing it all down somewhere so it can be remembered. Some secrets are not meant to be forgotten. My biggest secret is that I don't feel like I belong here.

I confess, that I am so interested in putting light into the world. I am choked by the events of the society. I am drowning in the ocean of endless societal expectations. I need to save my life to save this very cosmos!!

I confess I think the world is sick and people can't save it. So, I want the slate wiped clean, but I am terrified of the process by which that must happen. The worst part is, I know that whatever the method, it will be necessary.

I confess, that I'm in love with my internet friend from Hungary and I feel like it's the other way around. I just am sad that no one seems to believe in our love.

I confess, that sometimes i hate my sister Prue - because she bosses me around too much .

I confess I'm in love with a married man and have been for some time. He knows it but we both haven't acted upon it we kinda avoid each other. But if it were the right time and the right moment I deffinately would in a heart beat. No regrets either.

I confess, I think I might be a lesbian but it would be better to kill myself than to come out to my family.

I confess, I had phone sex. It was alright but I had better.

I confess,i dont wanna be in my current relationship but i dont know anything else but him...

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