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10/05/2019 - 07h05

First day of treatment (EPCLUA)

First day of the treatment EPCLUA $ 12547.29 a bottle 30 tabs ...

08/05/2019 - 19h05

Let it to burn them all

With no hellos and no goodbyes. I always talk about that sadness deep inside me, I always thought that I'm the only one that felt like that ...

05/05/2019 - 03h05

Today the first entry

I'm hoping this will work. This is a test entry so far. We will see how it works. Yes it works! OK then, we will see how it goes. ...

24/04/2019 - 12h04

Can CT-Aortogram Help In The Precise Evaluation of Abdominal Aneurysm?

An Ultrasound of abdomen or an Echo may detect the aneurysm for the first time. The precise evaluation is done by a CT-Aortogram. This contrast CT wou ...

31/03/2019 - 13h03


Oh-ho! So I wasn't expecting my boyfriend to pass by my house just to give me a milkshake! I was absolutely happy, I wanted one when he told me that h ...

12/03/2019 - 13h03

I don't know

It's been a long time for the last time i wrote to u diariste, i missed u a lot, i felt empty without talking to u and telling u what the hell goi ...

27/02/2019 - 21h02

silent sadness

I think i will end up like my dad alone inside that room just watching movies and enjoy the lonliness , don't really know if i the one who made peo ...

26/02/2019 - 11h02

What Is Myocardial Infarction?

Heart attack or Myocardial Infarction (MI) is another form of presentation. While angina is almost completely reversible, MI threatens permanent myoca ...

23/02/2019 - 18h02


There we go again , i feel like my life is a mess i feel lonely maybe with all that people who talk to me and want or pretend to be my friend i do not ...

11/02/2019 - 10h02

What Is The Biggest Artery In The Heart?

Aorta is the largest artery in the body. It originates from the Left Ventricle. What Does The Aorta Do In The Heart? It carries the oxygenated (pure ...

07/02/2019 - 16h02

Even the strongest branch breaks

I have dealt with problems after problem, but who hasn’t right?I’m 35 with 5 adorable kids they mea everything to me I have a heart problems and a ...

25/01/2019 - 10h01

What Is IVS In Heart?

Heart has 4 chambers- two Atria (atrium-singular) and two Ventricles. The atria have thinner walls compared to those of ventricles which are thick and ...

12/01/2019 - 06h01

Why I live


There is a deep feeling that I am here to achieve nothing short of greatness. I feel empty because I am yet to answer to the call (to greatness) One t ...

07/01/2019 - 01h01

Monday 07 January 2019

Now 01:28 am and i just sitting here reading all that bullshit you keep writting at your facebook page those fucking story's yess you're so talented a ...

05/01/2019 - 17h01


i had a lot of thing that made my mind and i want to talk about or just writte about but i don4t know with what i should start for a bit i feel like i ...

13/12/2018 - 12h12

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery Expert Dr. John E V Performs The Rare Surgery | Kerala News

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery Expert, Dr. John E V (Sunrise Hospital, Kochi) and the team of Doctors from the Jubilee Mission Hospital, Thrissur - ac ...

09/11/2018 - 11h11

Blunt Chest Trauma

Aorta can be injured in variety of accidents or trauma. A piercing or penetrating injury by a sharp object can directly injure the aorta in the thorax ...

24/10/2018 - 13h10

Heart Palpitations

Awareness of one’s own heartbeats is known as Palpitation. Valve disorders can present with various types of rhythm disturbances. Extra beats (Prema ...

04/08/2018 - 06h08

my misery ?

u know he didn't come, for u .... he came for sex i know i m drunk now , but i need to write this ...i need to remember everything he came here only ...

04/07/2018 - 19h07


w 7.3.18 clear sky, wg rested I was learning about the Illuminati. That the Masons, tho an international organization, are not at the top. They take ...

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