christin, 2014, July 04 at 02:54
What about love

When it comes to love...Everyone asked me before "did you loved someone before?" I say "no" they answer "that's why you can't understand our feelings"...actually that's why i don't get in relationships [...]
Rim, 2014, July 04 at 02:54
Taste of the first true love

So many time I was let down by my best friends and every time I promised myself to not trust to anyone anymore , I spent many time trying to love myself But I didn't .... I was travelling from a love [...]
christin, 2014, July 03 at 19:23
My reason to stay alive ^^

Chapter III I start with my mom which is presenting my reason to stay alive,She is a [gold woman] I can't say how much she back me up when i was going to break down or give me the happiness when i lost [...]
christin, 2014, July 03 at 19:17
My Problems :/

Chapter II As I said everyone has problems in his life no one is perfect (friendship_famillies_relationships..) I can say that i am getting cold turkey from the second problem.. Our life wasn't perfect [...]
christin, 2014, July 03 at 19:05
Me *-*

Chapter I You already know my name people..Im sara i guess i'm so confident i'm young i always try to build my own strong personality I treat everyone good and i respect the proverbe that i found out [...]
Lil, 2014, June 29 at 19:42
Why my boyfriend broke up with me and how i should deal with it

So my boyfriend broke-up with me and said he needs time since he just graduated and that he might get back together but i told him how i felt what do I do I still love him and want to get back with him no matter what. Please tell me what to do!
Bridge12, 2014, June 05 at 17:05
I'm going insane!

Oh My God, exams start on Monday. I don't know if I'm ready, especially that I'm starting with math. I personally hate math. I need to get suggestions for fun to do over the weekend, I mean on sunday. [...]
MirourAa, 2014, June 04 at 12:54
A strange world !

How strange is this world only yesterday I was telling my friends how sweet and perfect you are, and today I'm telling them how you live and how you said goodbye, I used to talk to you for hours and hours [...]
MirourAa, 2014, June 04 at 12:42
Why did you go away ?

You cut me like a knife when you walked out of my life, yes it's my fault, if I go back in time I'll keep you by my side and i wont let you go, I'll hold you and feel your love that don't really exist. [...]
MirourAa, 2014, June 04 at 12:31
This is just the start ♥

Hey, dairy My name is Mira I'm 16, I live in Algeria, With no boyfriend, and a lot of friends ♥... I guess that's it :) this is all what you need to know .. #Peace_nolove
Daenerys, 2014, June 01 at 15:52

Hey ! How are you me dear Diary ? For my part I'm pretty good - Oh yes I am ! I haven't much time, so that will be a short writing - Don't hate me ! I must to work for the baccalaureate, it's difficult. [...]
Flower-Rose, 2014, May 31 at 22:19
First Writing :D

Dear Diary, Hello, that's my first writing in English ! :D I'm glad because writing in English is helpful for me to not forget the language, since I live in Switzerland and without mom I'm the only one [...]
Depressive Girl
Depressive Girl, 2014, May 29 at 21:39
Your arms are my home

With one last tear rolling down from her cheek , they looked deeply into each other’s eyes , both of them held love and hate , care and tiredness , both of their eyes , screamed “I love you but we [...]
Depressive Girl
Depressive Girl, 2014, May 28 at 10:46
Not good enough

Dear diary , Here I am Writing my pain away , it’s Thursday 05/28/2014 ,00:43 AM, and I am still up listening to Christina Agulira’s ‘Say something featuring Big World , a mixture of feelings is [...]
Depressive Girl
Depressive Girl, 2014, May 28 at 00:02
Youth Broblems !

As I was sitting on the roof on my house today ,crazy thoughts started roaming inside my head ,suddenly I found myself thinking about my future ,What do I want to be in the future ? I never really bothered [...]