Jennifers TinklePoop
Jennifers TinklePoop, 2017, December 17 at 01:54
I am ditching my email address for this account so this is my last

Gmail wants a phone number for my email account and I don't have one. Since I am the only SQUAW here for now, this is what's going down in my tee-pee. I made some tamales yesterday putting benefiber in [...]
Katelyn or Lee Anne
Katelyn or Lee Anne, 2017, December 12 at 02:36
This is my first Diary, well, our first Diary

We just got introduced to this Diary from our cousins that just moved in a couple miles away. We would like too say more except we didn't realize till the alarm went off that we need to wake up Annabelle and Tiffany to get them ready for school. I just pray they haven't already missed their bus. BYE
Our Newest Start on Life
Our Newest Start on Life, 2017, December 09 at 04:39
Talk about being sick, we were stuck in traffic

Aunt Rachel came and got us and on the way too her house we were stuck in traffic. We had no choice but too go on ourselves since there are no restrooms in the car. BYE.
Madison Marie
Madison Marie, 2017, December 09 at 04:32
Five girls' stuck in traffic jam

Aunt Jackie came and got us lastnight and the traffic in Fort Worth was a nightmare. Me and my sisters had been sick with constipation and had too take laxatives a few hours before. Well. there was a wreck somewhere ahead of us. It happened, the effects from the laxatives slammed us and bye the time [...]
kaitlyn3387, 2017, December 07 at 02:15
I need to see my doctor

I think that I may have a bladder infection that was caused from my bowel-excrements' going up on my ? I have not been feeling well since three days ago after I went to town with my friends. I can't hold my poop and because of it, when I pee it hurts. Every time I go around a bunch of complete-unknowns [...]
Lee Anne and Sisters
Lee Anne and Sisters, 2017, December 07 at 02:04
This morning was no walk in the park

We ran out of propane so now we have no hot-water and must wait until after daybreak to go out too the wood-pile to heat the house up because it is cold. We all woke up needing showers after ate burritos for supper lastnight. We ain't supposed to eat beans but when that's all we have besides tortillas [...]
Our Newest Start on Life
Our Newest Start on Life, 2017, December 07 at 01:46
They came and said the pump needs to be replaced

They came and checked the well and said the pump was burnt up and it needed to be replaced. We are waiting for Aunt Tamra to contact us on where we are gonna move too because we do not have the money [...]
katelyn Anne or Annabelle
katelyn Anne or Annabelle, 2017, December 07 at 01:32
We are alone out here in the middle of nowhere

I and Kaitlyn are all by our lonesome and it is a little scary. The well-house lit-up like the fourth of July lastnight knocking out the electricity in it so now we don't have water until maybe after we go check it out after thesun comes up. She just looked out the front door saying that there was a [...]
Our Newest Start on Life
Our Newest Start on Life, 2017, December 03 at 04:17
We are waiting for the water-well repair man

Wouldn't you know it. Our water-well quit on us and we all have a stomach virus that won't quit. We have thought about seriously setting up camp down by the stock-pond, hell it's spring-fed so the water is always fresh. We can't get too far from the house though until after they come and pull the pump. [...]
Lee Annes 666 Diary
Lee Annes 666 Diary, 2017, December 03 at 04:04
I am here all by my lonesome and come noon'ish I am getting drunk

Since I be the only Girl here for today, come 12:00 p.m when I can get Rachel to buy me some beer I am gonna get drunk as a skunk out in the backyard. I made some home-made tamales yesterday so after we get back and she leaves, I am gonna pull a Depends diaper on under my jeans and whatever happens [...]
Kaitlyn and Annabelle
Kaitlyn and Annabelle, 2017, December 03 at 03:44
We have been out of action for a long time. Aunt Lee Anne died

Aunt Lee Anne died in her sleep from a heart-attack and that left us in a bind. Brenda made us get out of that house and up till now we have been roughing it in a abandoned house out in the country and it was not easy. Crystal finally gave in and let us move in with her, that was yesterday. Today we [...]
stallworthwac, 2017, December 02 at 05:09
Bell Moore Group Inc. Review: Prioritizing our Client’s Mission

Value creation is the essence of Bell Moore Group Inc. By being of service providing unequalled expertise in the field of field of leasing, consulting services, brokerage and third-party management in the property operations sector, the company has gained the trust of their clients including MAB American [...]
une anonyme
anonymous, 2017, December 01 at 02:49
So i usually go to martial arts on wedsnday an thursday and of course my crush lucas is there so he didnt really pay me and attention but then this other boy joshua oh hes a dream
Katelyns Whatever
Katelyns Whatever, 2017, November 29 at 04:26
I and my little Sisters' ain't leaving the house today

Boy howdy did Mom ever get a surprize this morning. We went to town on Sunday morning too WALMART stopping at the restroom and then getting us drinks from the public water-fountain. We got some underwear and jeans then came home. Monday none of us was feeling all that well so Mom kept us out from school, [...]
A Girl Named Annabelle
A Girl Named Annabelle, 2017, November 29 at 03:54
Nobody but me knows the feeling on not making it

Lastnight at around 9:00 I woke up needing to pee so as I was getting up, my stomach cramped and before I knew what was happening before I could get my walker, all hell broke loose in my underwear and pajama bottoms. I wet myself as well just as I balled up on the floor from the pain that would not [...]