LadyNajlaa, 2014, May 21 at 20:35
hello to myself

hi, I'm a 15 years girl, I study in highschool and I give my best to have good marks. In fact, It's great to have good marks, but school and books don't teach you life's rules. I'm serious at everything, I like it rough, and I prefer to learn things in the hard way. That makes me lie a house: strong [...]
Liar, 2014, May 21 at 19:07
Hello my New Diary

Hi my Diary ! I chose to write another Diary, in english, this time. Anyway, I'm just sorry if you don't understand me... My english is not very well yet, but soon it is, I believe in that ! I think I [...]
Lalitha, 2014, May 20 at 22:07
• Tuesday 05/20

No introduction... You don't really need to know me but you will through my writings, if I ever intend to keep this diary. I'm laughing, it's silly and ludicrous, but really? Why the hell I do need an [...]
Daenerys, 2014, May 17 at 23:04

Hey ! I need to put some words in this new paper, new account... You're already know me in the french version, but, anyway, here I begin everything since the beginning ! Or again, as you wish ! I'm good [...]