MirourAa, 2014, June 04 at 12:31
This is just the start ♥

Hey, dairy My name is Mira I'm 16, I live in Algeria, With no boyfriend, and a lot of friends ♥... I guess that's it :) this is all what you need to know .. #Peace_nolove
Daenerys, 2014, June 01 at 15:52

Hey ! How are you me dear Diary ? For my part I'm pretty good - Oh yes I am ! I haven't much time, so that will be a short writing - Don't hate me ! I must to work for the baccalaureate, it's difficult. [...]
Flower-Rose, 2014, May 31 at 22:19
First Writing :D

Dear Diary, Hello, that's my first writing in English ! :D I'm glad because writing in English is helpful for me to not forget the language, since I live in Switzerland and without mom I'm the only one [...]
Depressive Girl
Depressive Girl, 2014, May 29 at 21:39
Your arms are my home

With one last tear rolling down from her cheek , they looked deeply into each other’s eyes , both of them held love and hate , care and tiredness , both of their eyes , screamed “I love you but we [...]
Depressive Girl
Depressive Girl, 2014, May 28 at 10:46
Not good enough

Dear diary , Here I am Writing my pain away , it’s Thursday 05/28/2014 ,00:43 AM, and I am still up listening to Christina Agulira’s ‘Say something featuring Big World , a mixture of feelings is [...]
Depressive Girl
Depressive Girl, 2014, May 28 at 00:02
Youth Broblems !

As I was sitting on the roof on my house today ,crazy thoughts started roaming inside my head ,suddenly I found myself thinking about my future ,What do I want to be in the future ? I never really bothered [...]
une anonyme
anonymous, 2014, May 27 at 14:40
Hi! first experiment
Hi my lovely diarist page! Diariste invited me to experimentations: write on the beta new english diary!a great adventure I hope you'll love this adventure with me, my lovely diary In spite of illustration, it's a shiny day!
Jenny Jenna
Jenny Jenna, 2014, May 27 at 11:38

My dear Diary, I miss ya, pooh. What about you ? I want to apologize for the late. You know I'm too busy with all those exams... It must influence my mood, 'cause yesterday I wasn't very kind... I don't [...]
rim20, 2014, May 26 at 11:20
Behind closed doors

Dear diary , This year wasn't like I wish it , I tought It will be an amazing year , I thought happiness will wait me , I thought life will smile for me ....But nothing happen , I thought I'll be happy but I 'm not ....I drew A perfect picture for this year but nothing happened , I just lose one of [...]
Daenerys, 2014, May 23 at 22:46

Hey ! Right, I haven't written since the last time. - My apologies I feel the pressure of my body disappear. I feel more relaxed. I didn't go to school yesterday and it was so beneficial, for me, my head, [...]
Snge, 2014, May 23 at 20:17

I'm going to try to write it english, it's not easy but it could be cool. So I made my new account and I did it to faster because I made a horribly mistake in my nickname... So, now I don't know what I'm going to write but my feelings are more clear in english in my opinion.
Jenny Jenna
Jenny Jenna, 2014, May 23 at 12:16
'Cause everything has a begging

Dear Diary, It's me, baby. Jenna. From the french version of the website. I thought it was funny to talk with you in English too. You know I love this tongue - love it very, very much. So I have to [...]
Depressive Girl
Depressive Girl, 2014, May 22 at 19:36
First time !

Dear Diary ,,, regardless of what happened during this day, now I am so excited seeing that Diariste has finally became in English , because Diariste has always been (still ) my favorite online diary [...]
LadyNajlaa, 2014, May 21 at 20:55
Quote 1

I know things, too much things that I never wanted to know. But I'm trying to forget, not to forgeve.Because deep in our souls, there's a human nature called hate. It makes us always remember. But we'll beat it, we'll turn it into ache....into nothing; and as we say: What doesn't kill you makes you [...]
LadyNajlaa, 2014, May 21 at 20:53

betrayed, disgraced, I feel so ashamed, I'll let the pain, the guilt flow out in my tears I'll let the fire tonight burn all my fears I'm going to surrender. this world is not my home so I've got to stop looking back as I'm standing alone cause I know you're not coming back I've learned that this life [...]