nada95, 2015, January 05 at 16:46
My complicated love

I've never thought that I'll be hurt so badly like this. Love, my thoughts were so wrong about it maybe because I'm too dramatic or too unreal maybe I'm too sensitive to the point I cry over small things. i briefly start to feel lonely, lost and smashed into billion pieces. I don't know if that's my [...]
nada95, 2015, January 05 at 16:44

17:44 You can not imagine how it is that terrible feeling when you miss someone so much, you will only be able to realise this fact when you love someone even more than yourself ! that feeling is killing me. i am lost, i am lonely ...
Kande, 2014, December 30 at 18:58
Wednesday 31 December 2014

hey spud. Haven't been doing so good. But arianna says she sees you. That's amazing. I wish I could. Trying a new med on Friday. Guess we'll see how it goes
01, 2014, December 23 at 14:10
une anonyme
anonymous, 2014, December 19 at 16:35
A chapter to remember !
Dear Diary ,,, It’s been a while ever since I last wrote , I can’t even remember when was it or what happened back then ,which brings me to the fact that a lot has happened from that day , a lot , [...]
Girl with a Broken Heart
Girl with a Broken Heart, 2014, December 17 at 08:02
Don't Do It

Dear diary, I almost did it again. I almost cut...The only thing that stopped me was that there were pills on the counter...I almost did that too. But i came to reality and realized that my life is bad, [...]
skyler, 2014, December 16 at 10:06
Stop taking pills

"Dont say anything yet , I just have to tell you that taking all these suplement might prevent you from getting pregnant. You might have a miscarriage and not even know abou it " I should have been sleeping now, considering that i worked 12 h last night . But my mother and sister's words are ringing [...]
Girl with a Broken Heart
Girl with a Broken Heart, 2014, December 15 at 11:43
Have you Ever

Dear Diary, Have you ever had the whole world against you? Like no one understood you. Even when you try so hard for them to understand. To listen. When the closest ones to you are the ones who shatter [...]
Girl with a Broken Heart
Girl with a Broken Heart, 2014, December 13 at 08:37
Broken Heart

Dear Diary, I miss you. I miss seeing you face. I miss waking up every morning just for you. I miss kissing your lips. I love you. I dont think I'll love anyone ever again they way i loved you. I gave [...]
3kstazy, 2014, December 10 at 20:33
Dear Diary

This is my first post here. After a lot of searching I figured out I needed somewhere where I could talk about stuff I do not normally talk about. I lost a lot of friends and I'm alone. Alone in my own [...]
00, 2014, December 04 at 12:36
Video diary - video journal

Since the last release of Diariste phone application, you can film your memories anywhere and integrate them into your online diary. Diariste is the only website to offer you unlimited store for your [...]
Depressive Girl
Depressive Girl, 2014, October 13 at 22:04
R.I.P friend !

dear diary ,, Today was probably the worst day I have ever went through , today i lost a friend of my , a close one , a friend whom i had the habit of seeing every morning ,a girl who lived next door , at the age of eighteen , she passed away , due to a sudden sickness that caused her brain to shut [...]
Depressive Girl
Depressive Girl, 2014, October 07 at 22:01
The end of a summer fantasy

Dear diary , The worst thing about been a teenage is having to pretend all day long that you’re fine that everything is going well and once you’re behind closed doors you break down and all the shit [...]
Ghazala, 2014, October 01 at 23:51
Help me mother mary!

Dear mother mary; i want to tell u one thing, i get effected by bad publicity and i can't control my anger. i wish i had the patience like u.but i m ordinary human n u are spritual lady...i have my imperfections....take [...]
une anonyme
anonymous, 2014, September 29 at 23:47
Miss undrestood ,,I guess!
Monday, August 18, 2014 22:19 There is no particular way to get over someone and move on , no book is going to ever teach you how to forget someone , to get back on your feet again and start relaying [...]