Monday 14 May 2018

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Hey everyone!!!!!

Im UniKornBreezie! NIce to meet you:)

I am a Mythical Magical Unicorn stuck on this planet humans call "Earth"

I'm in need of some help you see....

I created this account here and it seems like there's a lot of people here and even a lot of active entries but it doesn't seem like ANYONE interacts with anyone else.... I wanted to start blogging and when I found this site I was hopeful but now that I'm seeing what people post I just don't see how I could actually get the results I was looking for coming here. I wasn't looking for a support group or somewhere I could go "viral" but just somewhere I could come and write my bullshit and get feedback from people on the outside looking in, sometimes I run into some trouble and I don't really like asking the humans around me. so i ask is anyone really out there????

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UniKornBreezie :

oh man! i saw your posts yesterday and they were good but thats what got me thinking.... is there anyone even out there? im not saying feedback every post but most of them would be alright.... as long as theirs a subject we can all get to talking about... isnt that what the internet is for is too bring people closer together from far away? it creates a safe place we can hide behind a keyboard, express ourselfs freely, and have it be completely acceptable in a space like this! facebook and social meidas a way to really get feedback but those are normally people that either want to see you fail or they just dont care or they are too attached to you to know how to give you an honest stand point from "the outside looking in"
idk im hoping it becomes more than that here but if not its at least nice to see one other person out there! glad youre alive!