This is Annabelle. I am worried about how things are gonna be after today

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I wish that I could be in this meadow for the rest of my life

I wish that I could be in this meadow for the rest of my life

Tamra said it right about Mom. She had been getting really pale and having difficulty breathing and popping her NITRO pills like she was in a lot of pain. When Dad died she was not the same. It was like she just gave up. Tamra said we was moving in with Aunt Katie. I have never really got too know her because she just moved here from California. Tamra had been out to visit her back when we were younger is all I know about her. I guess that I will get to know her better now. She just got here. Her and Tamra are out on the front porch talking. Katelyn loaded her pull-up I guess when Mom's Spirit came too her in her sleep. I think that meatloaf we ate for supper had something wrong with it because sour food had been trying to come up from my stomach. I took some baking soda for the reflux and a mild laxative to make it get on through me. Katelyn should have hit the shower but she went back to sleep here at the other end of the sofa with my little dog Da'Bella. I hear Lee Anne, it sounds like she's crying. I am not going in there right now, she knows how to get up and come in if need be. She could just be having another night-terror. I thought I was gonna pass gas and now I must hit the shower because poop just came all up between my legs and I need too pee like a Russian Race Horse. I will look in on Lee Anne since it is on the way. Tamra just came in saying that Aunt Katie is having a seizure out on the porch. BYE. Today hasn't even started. What else is gonna happen. I need a beer and cigarette.

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