Our Mom died so we are moving in with Aunt Katie

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The phone was ringing off the wall so I got up and answered it, it was Aunt Katie. She said that Mom passed away. I can believe it the way she had been looking and feeling here lately. Aunt Katie said that she had it already fixed so that if something of this magnitude ever happened that me and my sisters would go live with her. I don't know what to do now except for pack my stuff. Annabelle just came in asking who the fuck was calling at this time in the morning so I told her it was Aunt Katie saying our MOM had just died. She said that that's about right. Mom is in Heaven now with our baby sister Ellen now. Ellen was still-born and Mom almost bled too death afterwards. Anna is pouring a cup of coffee asking me what are we gonna do now. I told her that we needed to pack our stuff. She asked about Mom's stuff and I said that was for Aunt Katie too decide on. I am sure glad that I do not have that much stuff. Hell, we just got moved in here not even a month ago. Annabelle said that she had already packed all her stuff except a few changes in clothes. Katelyn just came in saying she had a dream and it was Mom telling her that everything would be all right. She said she pooped in her sleep and for us to not be mad at her. I told her not too worry about it. She knows Mom died. I am gonna get off from here and pour another cup of coffee. I just Pray that things don't take a turn for the worst. Anna said that Lee Anne is gonna take it really hard when we tell her that Mom is never coming back. A vehicle just turned in the driveway, I wonder who it is. BYE

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