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19 August 2017

Lee Anne has partially came back to us..

Katelyn found a really cool movie on NET-FLICKS in the children's listings and believe me, it was a really good family-oriented non violent, no nudity or lesbianism. It got Lee Anne to laughing so hard [...]
17 August 2017

Lee Anne ain't the same. Katelyn swear..

This morning when I woke them up Katelyn made a bee-line too the restroom and Lee Anne just layed there not saying a word steadily pissing and pooping on her bedpad. I do not know what I am gonna do with [...]
17 August 2017

We had to take Lee Anne and Katelyn wi..

Boy when we pulled in too Estelle's driveway and started to get out she came out telling us off about Lee Anne and Katelyn. She said that they have never done what they did until after their baths. She [...]
16 August 2017

I will never ever forget what happened..

Mary took me out to the hospital to visit Aunt Katie. I could not believe all of the contraptions that she was hooked up too for them to keep her alive and the way that they had her strapped too her bed [...]
15 August 2017

Mary brought Katelyn and Lee Anne home..

Boy I don't know what we are going to do now. Mary said that Aunt Katie was not well at all, she said the doctors' over Aunt Katie put her in a medically-induced coma because of her brain swelling. Mary [...]
14 August 2017

Aunt Katie is in the hospital plus Our..

Me and Tamra were at the hospital in the E.R with Aunt Katie after the seizure, Kate and Lee got too go to Aunt Mary's but anyways, Katie suffered more brain damage from the hard fall on the concrete. [...]
04 August 2017

This is Annabelle. I am worried about ..

Tamra said it right about Mom. She had been getting really pale and having difficulty breathing and popping her NITRO pills like she was in a lot of pain. When Dad died she was not the same. It was like [...]
04 August 2017

Our Mom died so we are moving in with Aunt Katie

The phone was ringing off the wall so I got up and answered it, it was Aunt Katie. She said that Mom passed away. I can believe it the way she had been looking and feeling here lately. Aunt Katie said [...]
03 August 2017

Our Mom upped the Bucks for this so we..

Me and my sister's birthday is coming up so Mom gave us this laptop and payed for us this Diary-Gig and then started grabbing her chest really bad like. Aunt Katie was here thankfully when it went down [...]
Aug 2017