We moved too our other Aunt's house.

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I wish life was this easy

I wish life was this easy

Aunt Candice and her little seven year old twin daughters Tonya and Sonya are all right. Anna and Bella now has somebody too play with. I have a full-blown babysitting job now babysitting two sets of seven year old twin girls. Aunt Candice is always working spending most of her free time in motel rooms that her company foots the bill for. I told her before we moved in that she had best make sure, make damn sure that her reverted daughters were well supplied in pull-on diapers because when ours starts coming in the mail at this address that it will only be enough for us and not them. She told me that she has taken care of it and that theirs will also be coming in the mail. I asked her about what am I supposed to do about food, she said her friend James is gonna be coming by every other day checking on us. She gave me her personal email address and said if anything happens to send her a email. I have been up since 2:00 a.m this morning and it seems to me that the Foursome are tag-teaming against me. I am letting them do as they like. They stayed up until 3:00 a.m watching NETFLIX Movies and are still asleep as far as I can determine. I did make sure that their beds did have mattress covers on them under the sheets because yesterday when they napped all four of them unloaded big-time in their pull-ups and it was all over them and their sheets plus the big wet-spots on the mattresses from them wetting in their sleep. Candice ain't gonna like what I have to say in the email I send her here in a little bit. Her washing machine stopped working. If this James shows up I will let him know also. I am gonna do a security check on this thing and go wash off what just came out. BYE

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