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09 December 2017

Talk about being sick, we were stuck in traffic

Aunt Rachel came and got us and on the way too her house we were stuck in traffic. We had no choice but too go on ourselves since there are no restrooms in the car. BYE.
07 December 2017

They came and said the pump needs to b..

They came and checked the well and said the pump was burnt up and it needed to be replaced. We are waiting for Aunt Tamra to contact us on where we are gonna move too because we do not have the money [...]
03 December 2017

We are waiting for the water-well repair man

Wouldn't you know it. Our water-well quit on us and we all have a stomach virus that won't quit. We have thought about seriously setting up camp down by the stock-pond, hell it's spring-fed so the water [...]
Dec 2017
17 November 2017

We had to move too the country and thi..

I can't believe how different it is. Back a long time ago we used to visit Great-Great Grandpa at the ranch he worked until he was 100 years old when he finally retired. That was where I found my very [...]
Nov 2017