Why I live

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There is a deep feeling that I am here to achieve nothing short of greatness.
I feel empty because I am yet to answer to the call (to greatness)
One thing must be done, to leave (the irrelevant aspects of life) so that I can truly live (the true life)!!!
I need to exorcise myself of fears, jealousy, hatred, irritability, impatience, unfocused mind and the likes

I must stand firm on this course I have chosen,
To love all unconditionally
To smile always
To be wholeheartedly grateful for the abundant blessings in my life
To concentrate on my goals at the expense of procrastination, zig zag mind, interest in others' interests/achievement (a form of jealousy and abrupt change of plans)
To set a significant standard
To make hay while the sunshine
To live in accordance to the mission that will finally birth my vision
To heal the sick (mental and physical)
To help the youths
To feed the poors
To inspire the world
To lead!

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