Why did you go away ?

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You cut me like a knife when you walked out of my life, yes it's my fault, if I go back in time I'll keep you by my side and i wont let you go, I'll hold you and feel your love that don't really exist.

I hope that she makes you happy, I'll be there I'll watch your life in pictures like i use to watch you smile, and I'll feel you forget me like i use to feel your lips on mine.

i heard that you feel sorry for me, well don't cause I'm fine, yes you broke my heart but this is life, i know you're wondering why, will this is my answer to you " Karma is a bitch" so understand it all by your self ;)

I'm sure that you will come back, begging me to give you a chance saying that I'm the one for you and that you'll change 

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