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04 June 2014

A strange world !

How strange is this world only yesterday I was telling my friends how sweet and perfect you are, and today I'm telling them how you live and how you said goodbye, I used to talk to you for hours and hours [...]
04 June 2014

Why did you go away ?

You cut me like a knife when you walked out of my life, yes it's my fault, if I go back in time I'll keep you by my side and i wont let you go, I'll hold you and feel your love that don't really exist. [...]
04 June 2014

This is just the start ♥

Hey, dairy My name is Mira I'm 16, I live in Algeria, With no boyfriend, and a lot of friends ♥... I guess that's it :) this is all what you need to know .. #Peace_nolove
Jun 2014
(16 ans)