Hello my New Diary

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Hi my Diary !

I chose to write another Diary, in english, this time. Anyway, I'm just sorry if you don't understand me... My english is not very well yet, but soon it is, I believe in that ! I think I write in this Diary just one time (or two), my life isn't funny, my life is just basical. Extremly basical -ohf.

I'm Sasha, 15 years old. I am a brunette, and my "friends" told me that my eyes are green and yellow. Aw-ful. ( I joke, of course ) You, my fabulous Diary, you ask you -sure-; why she wrote friends with that "" ? Because I haven't really friends. All of they are stupid and... I don't know. I hate they.

BUt I wouldn't talk about it. Let's speak about my cat ! He is the only who inderstand me ! He is incredible ! Not they ! Okay, okay, I know what about you think. 

"This girl love her cat, but she hate her friends ! She is crazy ! "

So, time for the explications, now. I've never have a really friend, just one time. I was at the college. I was 13, or 14, I don't remember exactly. But the most important is that I was... Hum... You know Bullying ? That was me. I was the girl who eat a whale, I was the girl who make the most "horrible things", but nobody want to know me.

I was persecuted two years like that. I was being hurt in the locker room. "Look at this cow ! She is a monster !!" Thank you, I know, I'm a monster and I will eat you. But I don't like to talk about that...

So, I have to go. Good bye my Diary !

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