Tamra tookoff on her Harley yesterday with the debit card and has not came back

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I gave her the debit card so she could get some stuff from the store and she has yet to come back.Susan said she didn't trust her from the beginning even if she was playing a nice person. Lee Anne said that she has always been nice and came back. I guess that we will wait the day out and just see, I thought she was being too straight-forward. The twins didn't like her because right before she kicked-off her Harley they ran and hid in the bathroom. Susan said that the bathroom is all stopped up now. They must have flushed something. She said that she was gonna let her poop-chute unload in her pull-up all day long. Lee Anne said she was gonna think on it. Estelle is outside somewhere, has been since the sun started coming up. I don't know how I am gonna fix the toilet but I need a shower. I hope the shower-drain ain't stopped up as well. I had a gut feeling that Tamra was a person too not be trusted. Lee Anne just came back from the twins bedroom saying they lost their training pants and that their bed was all covered in poop. Fuck a duck. This day has only just started Bye

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