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04 August 2017

Tamra tookoff on her Harley yesterday with the d..

I gave her the debit card so she could get some stuff from the store and she has yet to come back.Susan said she didn't trust her from the beginning even if she was playing a nice person. Lee Anne said [...]
Aug 2017
24 July 2017

Tamra is all muscle and tattoos standing 6 feet ..

I have never met a nicer Lady. We have been all around on this property plus the surrounding woods. Me and my sisters all thought that she was gonna be total B_TCH but she's really cool. She pushed me [...]
19 July 2017

I just got home from the hospital. It was not at..

I awoke in the hospital a month ago not knowing anything about how I got there. After I got my senses gathered I asked and they said I had a seizure of some kind and it was a whopper. They said I hit [...]
Jul 2017