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hi, I'm a 15 years girl, I study in highschool and I give my best to  have good marks. In fact, It's great to have good marks, but school and books don't teach you life's rules.
I'm serious at everything, I like it rough, and I prefer to learn things in the hard way. That makes me lie a house: strong from the outside, but beautiful and warm from the inside. Not like a robot as so many think. Indeed, I'm a bit different, and being different is not a crime. I believe in fairy tales, in magic; and I'm sure that each one of us has ignored magical powers. And if he lets them out, he'll change the world; lead it, and then he'll die, with faith in his heart, smile on his face. And his name will be written in books, carved in minds. I act like a boss when I need confidence, like a princess when I need attention and lie a child when I need laughter and joy. I'm not a genius, I just give my best and even if I fall I keep trying.
This is simply.....me. It's a fact wich I can't change.

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