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21 May 2014

Quote 1

I know things, too much things that I never wanted to know. But I'm trying to forget, not to forgeve.Because deep in our souls, there's a human nature called hate. It makes us always remember. But we'll [...]
21 May 2014


betrayed, disgraced, I feel so ashamed, I'll let the pain, the guilt flow out in my tears I'll let the fire tonight burn all my fears I'm going to surrender. this world is not my home so I've got to stop [...]
21 May 2014

hello to myself

hi, I'm a 15 years girl, I study in highschool and I give my best to have good marks. In fact, It's great to have good marks, but school and books don't teach you life's rules. I'm serious at everything, [...]
May 2014
(16 ans)