The Uncomfortable Stage Of Life

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Date on timeline : 22 February 2018

Maybe I wasn't an amazing listener, but when I had listened, I felt like I would explode...Hearing about how he thought I was a mistake was the worse thing in the world, but hearing how he watched me cry, and he did nothing, was even worse...I hadn't known what to say, so I told him the truth, and well, sometimes, the truth truly hurts, I know it hurts me....So far, this week has been an epic failure, death, drama, sickness, and of course, love. I wish this week could be over, because it already stabbed me in the heart once. I thought I would be able to handle all of this, then it came to a stop when my ex, talked about him and I being friends, after how you broke up with me, uh, no, I really don't think so, not this time bud. I just don't want to go in back in the place I was before, in love but not sure of it....High school is tiring and to be honest, I really wish it was over by now, it was fun to laugh and joke around, but this type of stuff? Love, drama, blah blah blah, it is just a waste, I am here for one thing and one thing only, TO LEARN. I feel like I can't talk to anyone but myself, or my dogs, hopefully I can get out of this uncomfortable stage of life.....But ### of course, no one understands that, no one ever does...Then at the same time, my best friend likes this guy that likes me, at first I liked him as a friend, but now, well, I like him more than that because he is sweet and he understands me more than anyone...Even myself, which is weird, I just hope this reality, turns into a dream.

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