We just got our first PC so this is it- Like it or don't like it. Your choice Not Ours

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So scared and all alone afraid of whats on the other side of the door.

So scared and all alone afraid of whats on the other side of the door.

Date on timeline : 13 August 2017

Our parents gave us this laptop then bit the bullet in a car accident. Now me and my sisters' live with Aunt Gabrielle. This place is like twenty miles from the nearest neighbor and another fifteen to the closest grocery/retail store. There are quite a few beer stores but they don't sell what we need most. We are pretty much home alone for the most part.When it ain't too damn hot we go jump in the spring-fed stock-tank and catch more than enough crawdeads when our food is running low or if someone brings us some fresh caught filleted-catfish. Right now on this diary gig it will be just me and Annabelle or Annabelle and me. No matter how you see it it is all the same. Our sisters' will eventually be introduced. Lee Anne is the exception because since our parents died that day she has not said a word, she has all but closed herself off from everybody. We will tell you like it is when the time is right. Right now we are in our swimsuits fixing to go take a dip before the sun goes down and the storms roll through. This is one of the two of us. Enjoy

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