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Dear Diary,

        It's me, baby. Jenna. From the french version of the website. I thought it was funny to talk with you in English too. You know I love this tongue - love it very, very much. So I have to thank Diariste.com.

        Well, I don't know what I should write at all. It's really awkward, trust me, toots. I have nothing to say. Of course, I could talk about prom, but... I dunno, I prefer writing that in your french version.

        I can't neither talk about myself, 'cause you know me... Wait a second, I can talk about myself ! You're mine after, ain't ya ? And you don't know everything about me. Plus, I think that myself is a perfect subject for a first writing. Even the best.

        Well, let's talk about me, kiddo.

1- I wanna be a shrink, a psychiatrist. Even I don't wanna waste 10 years of my life in college. Even the 10 most precious years of my life !
2- I'm an oxymoron. Lazy but dynamic; kind but cruel; happy but depressed; sane but insane; angel but s***.
3- I wanna live in New York City. It would be wonderful.
4- I love Minions. I really do.
5- I'm just totally fascinated by villains and criminals. They are so... sexy and exciting. Not boring at all. Unlike a person I know.
6- I have to deal with Mia and Ana. It's very harsh, ya know ? Especially with Mia... She's just a little b****.
7- I want to... Err, sorry. I will write a book. Someday.
8- I have no idea what I should tell you. So I think we'll stop here. Not our relationship, kiddo. I love you, toots - I really do !

        It was a pleasure, really. Especially with the Discovery Pass ! Thank you Diariste.com. See you soon !

All my kisses,
Your Jenna

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