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24 April 2019

Can CT-Aortogram Help In The Precise E..

An Ultrasound of abdomen or an Echo may detect the aneurysm for the first time. The precise evaluation is done by a CT-Aortogram. This contrast CT would provide accurate information on the size, location, [...]
Apr 2019
26 February 2019

What Is Myocardial Infarction?

Heart attack or Myocardial Infarction (MI) is another form of presentation. While angina is almost completely reversible, MI threatens permanent myocardial damage. This happens when there is sudden complete [...]
11 February 2019

What Is The Biggest Artery In The Heart?

Aorta is the largest artery in the body. It originates from the Left Ventricle. What Does The Aorta Do In The Heart? It carries the oxygenated (pure) blood to various parts of body through its numerous [...]
Feb 2019
25 January 2019

What Is IVS In Heart?

Heart has 4 chambers- two Atria (atrium-singular) and two Ventricles. The atria have thinner walls compared to those of ventricles which are thick and muscular. The atria receive blood and ventricles [...]
Jan 2019
13 December 2018

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery Expert ..

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery Expert, Dr. John E V (Sunrise Hospital, Kochi) and the team of Doctors from the Jubilee Mission Hospital, Thrissur - acclaimed by top Malayalam Newspapers, for the rare [...]
Dec 2018
09 November 2018

Blunt Chest Trauma

Aorta can be injured in variety of accidents or trauma. A piercing or penetrating injury by a sharp object can directly injure the aorta in the thorax or abdomen. These injuries are often instantly fatal [...]
Nov 2018
24 October 2018

Heart Palpitations

Awareness of one’s own heartbeats is known as Palpitation. Valve disorders can present with various types of rhythm disturbances. Extra beats (Premature atrial / Ventricular Contractions) are quite [...]
Oct 2018
22 June 2018

Loss Of Appetite, After Heart Surgery?..

There are several reasons for loss of appetite. Distaste caused by some of the medications (especially antibiotics and painkillers) is a common problem. Acidity caused by stress and some medicines is [...]
22 June 2018

Tiredness Or Fatigue: How Common, Afte..

Tiredness/Fatigue: This is quite common after a major operation. The body is busy doing the repairing process of the wound. Heart is getting accustomed to the changed scenario. Allow adequate rest for [...]
Jun 2018
30 May 2018

Heart Surgery Recovery Time

Travel and sports activities, during the recovery time- Travel: Travelling short distances can be done after 3 weeks. But it is better to avoid this if possible. Bus travel is not advisable until 3 months. [...]
May 2018
26 March 2018

If OPCAB is not ‘Key Hole’ operation, ..

The ‘key hole bypass operation’ is known as Minimally Invasive Coronary Artery Bypass or MICAS. In this operation the large wound in front of the chest is totally avoided. Through small incisions [...]
26 March 2018

How safe is OPCAB?

Bypass operation has become a very safe operation. The success rate for bypass operations in the best centers over the world is 96-99%. Last year the OPCAB (Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass) success rate [...]
26 March 2018

Is OPCAB a more expensive option?

There is no difference in the cost between the standard bypass and OPCAB (Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass). In many patients, as the ICU and hospital stay become much shorter and usage of costly antibiotics [...]
26 March 2018

Is OPCAB a ‘key hole’ operation?

Generally this form of operation is done through a standard opening in front of the chest that bypass operation is infamous for. The reason why this approach is widely popular is because of its safety [...]
Mar 2018
15 February 2018

What Precautions One Has To Take Durin..

The precautions one has to take during the recovery period, after heart surgery- Wound care and cleanliness: Wounds have to be kept clean and dry. During bath the wounds can be washed with mild soap [...]
15 February 2018

How Wounds Heal After Heart Operation?

Body has a natural resparative process for healing wounds. Generally wounds take about 6-8 weeks to heal completely. Bones may take a little longer. The new tissues will need some time to get used to [...]
01 February 2018

What About Long Term Lifestyle Modific..

Yes, This is a very important aspect of long term prevention especially in case of coronary artery disease. As we all know, Coronary Artery Disease is caused by Atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis has multi-factorial [...]
01 February 2018

What To Expect After Heart Operation D..

Tiredness: This is quite common after a major operation. The body is busy doing the repairing process of the wound. Heart is getting accustomed to the changed scenario. Allow adequate rest for the body [...]
01 February 2018

Is OPCAB Worth The Pain And Effort?

Isn’t it interesting to know that the first ever successful bypass was done as a beating heart operation? This was way back in 1964 by a Russian surgeon, Colosev. But since then the conventional bypass [...]
01 February 2018

How is OPCAB done?

It is clear that OPCAB would be technically more difficult to perform than conventional bypass for the plain fact that the fine surgical work needs to be done while the surface is still moving. There [...]
Feb 2018
29 January 2018

Getting Back To Work After Heart Opera..

One of the biggest concerns in patients’ minds while considering heart surgery is whether he would be able to do the same work as before. On a positive note let me assure you that most of the patients [...]
29 January 2018

Exercise After Heart Operation: What A..

Immediate postoperative period is not the time for heavy exercise schedules. The aim is to get back to routine lifestyle and be active. Let your body decide how much you can exercise! In the first two [...]
29 January 2018

Can All Patients Needing Bypass Have O..

This is a very technical question and one need to consider many factors before reaching a decision. Even when OPCAB is planned for a certain patient the decision can be changed on the operating table [...]
29 January 2018

All You Wanted To Know About "Beating ..

Bypass operation on (then) Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh occupied the headlines for some time. Dr. Singh made a rapid recovery and is back on the main stage. The event has brought the focus on one [...]
Jan 2018