First Writing :D

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Dear Diary,

Hello, that's my first writing in English ! :D
I'm glad because writing in English is helpful for me to not forget the language, since I live in Switzerland and without mom I'm the only one who speak English :( But well, I'm Glad.

I will not write so often because I don't have so much to say so I think that I'm gonna write like… once the week ^^

Oh ! Something else ! I'm gonna call you Cookie ! Not because I like Cookies... (I do) :') But because I found this name cute :)

Well, If you want to know... I'm 14, I live in Switzerland, (Geneva) I have a lot of Sisters and Brothers.... ^^' and I live only with mom. 

For now that's it. You'll know about me later :3

Well, I'm going :) See you ! :D
Kiss Kiss *3*

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