Your arms are my home

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With one last tear rolling down from her cheek , they looked deeply into each other’s eyes , both of them held love and hate , care and tiredness , both of their eyes , screamed “I love you  but we have to let go of this , it’s getting way too complicated ,too hard and too painful “ with that ,they both went  in separate ways ,leaving behind ,what was once their future and present , who they are and what they love . Their steps were heavy , their hearts broken ,suddenly life became tasteless , the sky became colorless for the both , a crisp cold air breeze passed by them ,it was the first time she felt cold ,he turned to check on his beloved one , it was the first time he saw her shiver , he couldn’t bear that view , so he rushed towards her ,hugged her from behind hiding his face at the crook of her neck and his arms wrapped around her waist , the warmth of his breaths and the feeling of his torso against her back was relaxing to her , suddenly that shiver that once was caused from cold turned into butterflies ,to her , it felt like home been between his arms ,that passionate silence was soon broken with his husky voice “as hard and painful things were when we were together for the past year and half ,they  wasn’t as painful and difficult as they were  for the past few seconds without you ,I can’t let you go and I’ll never be able to you are mine “ Those words fell like warm water on her frozen and broken heart , all she managed to say between silent tears was ‘I love you’ with a soft voice ‘me too ‘ he muted placing a soft kiss on the crook of her neck ‘

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