Youth Broblems !

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As I was sitting on the roof on my house today ,crazy thoughts started roaming inside my head ,suddenly I found myself thinking about my future ,What do I want to be in the future ? I never really bothered to answer this question although it’s been in my head ever since I turned fifteen but today I am almost eighteen ,I am graduating next year and yet I have no clue about which college I am intending or which career I am pursuing and it is quiet scary ,living with no plans specially for someone like me ,so obsessed about order when it comes to getting stuff done  - except for my closet which is literally a lost case I can never get into order NEVER. However there is a part of me is a fan of science and medicine -that’s why I am in the scientific stream in my high school , the other part of me , intends to like literature , everything that is related to classical novelists and collecting old books , I actually do some writing , last summer I started writing a vampires fiction ,it was going well ,but due to major family hardships I had to stop writing , I must admit that this conflicting dialogue that’s happening inside my head is causing me a lot of worry , knowing that this decision can decide my present and future ,,,,,,,,,,,I also know that I am still a teenage and I have a life ahead of me to live and enjoy without this pressure but I don’t want to live without a goal ; I mean how can you know which direction you’re going when you don’t ever know your destination ?!

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Depressive Girl
Depressive Girl :

@punkywalid : Yeah it was beautiful back then , but I didn't really enjoy it since I was stuck in my own bubble ! as for the 'don't panic 'part I am not so sure about it panic is in my DNA :p