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Dear Diary ,,,
regardless of what happened during this day, now I am so excited seeing that Diariste has finally became in English , because Diariste has always been (still ) my favorite online diary ,I 've been waiting for this day since ever, enough why my childish excitement and moving on to my depressive day ,which is today , after solving all my problems with my WiFi ,which dumped for the past week and left me isolated from the real world my so-called boyfriend decided to put the icing on the cake   which was baked yesterday by the way by continuing last night's fight and breaking his promise by mentioning that he was going to leave me ,to make things worst we almost ended a one year and six months relationship just because of some gay who was hitting on me on facebook and I didn't respond to his harassment ,because I didn't see it ,but to him ,I didn't do so because I liked it ,lock of confidence in a relationship with whom you love is quiet tormenting ,specially when we spend months trying to get them to trust us ,well besides the huge fight ,I did some shopping (nothing can stop a girl from spending money even if she was so depressed ) I also stepped by a vintage library and bought some books ,french ones mainly ,,,,,now I am here , as a summary for this day I can say that it was so depressive until I realized that Diariste is finally in English .

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