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13 October 2014

R.I.P friend !

dear diary ,, Today was probably the worst day I have ever went through , today i lost a friend of my , a close one , a friend whom i had the habit of seeing every morning ,a girl who lived next door [...]
07 October 2014

The end of a summer fantasy

Dear diary , The worst thing about been a teenage is having to pretend all day long that you’re fine that everything is going well and once you’re behind closed doors you break down and all the shit [...]
Oct 2014
29 May 2014

Your arms are my home

With one last tear rolling down from her cheek , they looked deeply into each other’s eyes , both of them held love and hate , care and tiredness , both of their eyes , screamed “I love you but we [...]
28 May 2014

Not good enough

Dear diary , Here I am Writing my pain away , it’s Thursday 05/28/2014 ,00:43 AM, and I am still up listening to Christina Agulira’s ‘Say something featuring Big World , a mixture of feelings is [...]
28 May 2014

Youth Broblems !

As I was sitting on the roof on my house today ,crazy thoughts started roaming inside my head ,suddenly I found myself thinking about my future ,What do I want to be in the future ? I never really bothered [...]
22 May 2014

First time !

Dear Diary ,,, regardless of what happened during this day, now I am so excited seeing that Diariste has finally became in English , because Diariste has always been (still ) my favorite online diary [...]
May 2014
(18 ans)