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Hey !

Right, I haven't written since the last time. - My apologies

I feel the pressure of my body disappear.
I feel more relaxed.
I didn't go to school yesterday and it was so beneficial, for me, my head, all my mind. I can not explain it.
I just feel good, so many feelings/sensations. - Free

The crisis is over, I passed a level, more stronger, confident... - Temporaly
I don't know. I grow.

Everyday I realize things than I ignored before. Maybe I was lying to myself, but in my mind I just wasn't ready to heard some things ...
It's time now to realize, to see the world with others eyes.
The world becomes sad days after days, wars are real. The human kind miss of diplomacy, loyalty, and love...
I don't trust them, I can't.

The only thing I know, is than I'm still lost in this world, I do not find my place, anywhere ...

Daenerys - xx

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