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Hey !

I need to put some words in this new paper, new account...
You're already know me in the french version, but, anyway, here I begin everything since the beginning ! Or again, as you wish !
I'm good in english, but ... just like a girl who is 17 YO ! But I really want to stay anonymous like I can ... So you just need to know than I'm girl ! Generally, pink diary means girl diary... 
I have some goods, and bad news like a normal teenager, but stop, am I normal ? Who cares anyway !
Maybe I should tell you than, I'm not take part to the kind " I'm happy with my boyfriend " cause ... I haven't one ... Sad life. I don't fall in love like I dive in a swimming pool, which comparison !
Seriously, I'm just the type of girl who is afraid about the future, to make me old with my cat, fail my studies... So many examples !

Off topic : my favorite color is most of time black, but for this new journal I'll try to see the world in pink, so ...including you !

I must to work, but impossible to concentrate myself ... I'm desperate !

Otherwise, Here I am !

Daenerys - xx

See you soon !

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LadyNajlaa :

you reather feel pain, agony, misery, anger than nothing at all. But let them out (in a good way like screaming or crying) or they'll burn you.

Daenerys :

I already have the impression to be consumed by these emotions ... Your sentence is so true ...
I'm working on it, but this is really difficult.
Thanks for your comment (: