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10 August 2014

Clap your hands, Here I'am !

Hey ! I haven't forgotten you, don't be upset ... It was a bad period these last months and it's almost over now, at least ... I hope so ! Well, what's new since the last time ? - I spent my first [...]
Aug 2014
01 June 2014


Hey ! How are you me dear Diary ? For my part I'm pretty good - Oh yes I am ! I haven't much time, so that will be a short writing - Don't hate me ! I must to work for the baccalaureate, it's difficult. [...]
Jun 2014
23 May 2014


Hey ! Right, I haven't written since the last time. - My apologies I feel the pressure of my body disappear. I feel more relaxed. I didn't go to school yesterday and it was so beneficial, for me, my head, [...]
17 May 2014


Hey ! I need to put some words in this new paper, new account... You're already know me in the french version, but, anyway, here I begin everything since the beginning ! Or again, as you wish ! I'm good [...]
May 2014
(17 ans)