My reason to stay alive ^^

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Chapter III
I start with my mom which is presenting my reason to stay alive,She is a [gold woman] I can't say how much she back me up when i was going to break down or give me the happiness when i lost it or the strongh when i was week,My eyes when i couldn't see,my worlds when i coudn't speak...She is fabulouse she don't really diserve to stay here with my dad suffering...she has done her best for breeding me and my brother, i can't describe the joy she felt when i got my degree she was more happy then me she said "I didn't spend all those years with your dad for nothing] that makes me feel so confortable, she really suffered from daddy's life now it's my turn to help her i'm just waiting until I got a real job, than no one can steal the smile from her face or the joy from her heart [i promess you mom that i will do all my best to keep you happy for the rest of my life].
My brother he is presenting my friend my dad... I feel safe when he is at home,he really disturb me sometimes but i find him special and my hero my guide he always protect me...Actually i feel safe with those to people whenever we are together i feel like i'm at home < 3
PS: i created some poetrys if you really want to read it i will write them ^^

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