My Problems :/

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Chapter II
As I said everyone has problems in his life no one is perfect (friendship_famillies_relationships..) I can say that i am getting cold turkey from the second problem.. Our life wasn't perfect in the past but it was good,my dad was generous even he was addicted to Alcohol he satisfies all my needs he used to love me so much more then anyone else..Until we moved to a new house he changed, firstable because of the bad company, secondly he became more addicted. He became stingy and waste all his money on acohol and some stupide bad things ,after he had been the my hero he returned to a big obstacle which try to crash all my dreams and crash my "strong personality" that i started to buid long time ago.
Here we are living with another man like we had never known,"smile" disaper from his face (insulting_hitting_drinking_smoking_bad company..) But i really try to stay strong and never give up until i get out from this darkness to the light i'll keep seek and fight.And now i just have to study and pray wating for my moment to shine..

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