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04 July 2014

What about love

When it comes to love...Everyone asked me before "did you loved someone before?" I say "no" they answer "that's why you can't understand our feelings"...actually that's why i don't get in relationships [...]
03 July 2014

My reason to stay alive ^^

Chapter III I start with my mom which is presenting my reason to stay alive,She is a [gold woman] I can't say how much she back me up when i was going to break down or give me the happiness when i lost [...]
03 July 2014

My Problems :/

Chapter II As I said everyone has problems in his life no one is perfect (friendship_famillies_relationships..) I can say that i am getting cold turkey from the second problem.. Our life wasn't perfect [...]
03 July 2014

Me *-*

Chapter I You already know my name people..Im sara i guess i'm so confident i'm young i always try to build my own strong personality I treat everyone good and i respect the proverbe that i found out [...]
Jul 2014
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