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I hade a problem with my laptop, so I was off writing all time ( i used the old way sometimes when i couldn't save words anymore, using the paper and

pen, but it wasn't good as you dear diary, so I just did everything to come back again). I am writing this intro cause I've been hoping for many weeks now

to tell one of my best stories not fictional but real one, I always wanted to tell it but i wasn't brave enough or maybe weren't feeling it enough, i just

want to drop all those words that i was keeping inside my bloody little heart all those years waiting for the right moment, maybe as I know who i will talk

about i am sure that you do to diary-like you always been here so u know all my funny-sad scary deep shit, so yeah.

if you were wondering about how things were going with my fam and school and that kinda stuff, don't worry like i am still at my same place like still no

progress but at least this time i am not getting to some depression or kinda deep sadness i feel like it just the way goes, i should just go with it and don't

make it worse to myself.

i am writing this intro again to thank you, a dear diary for your time like it's a crazy thing to thank a website wright? but you're not a website you're a

feeling that place we always dream about , saying that " I HOPE I HAVE SOME KINDA PLACE I JUST GO AND RUN TO" yes you are that space fo me

and maybe not just me, so thank you for being not judgmental and being here and giving me the whole freedom and make me realize that i can put my

feelings in something besides laying at my bed tearing and crying wishing mercy for my heart to stop fulling apart.


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