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Yea, it's been a while. but I feel empty again and I tried to talk to friends but I don't get better, the worst thing is I feel like no one understand me if you wondering why all that, I can tell you. kind of money problem. I don't know anymore if my parents have the money or not it seems that dad can offer me whatever I want but he doesn't do it like he not even wants to make me happy. maybe it would seem weird that I'm complaining about not having money like I ma, not the only one... So funny but the only problem is that I want it to study I want to go abroad to study and work in what I always want it returning to my home with a job and a good salary. married and get a child and give them whatever they want ...





the problem is I know that dad can do it can offer me that money I know that, but why he doesn't want it why? isn't that dream he had when he was a child but no one helped him why he do the same mistake with me why he doesn't help me?

am i not he's daughter ...

sadly I can't ask him for it... I've had an issue with my mom those couple weeks, yea I've already written about it in my last txt yea we still no spoken to each other. and i've been rolling that scene of pride and not even eating ....

I really feel like I F****D up again I know that there's a chance for me here ... but I don't think I can handle it from here anymore ...



Maybe I should accept my life that I'm not special that I ma just like other's, nobody care if I work in Nasa or at some supermarket .. I've always had big dreams always wanted to study in Harvard in Nasa l. Solve complicated equation but it turns out that no everyone can do it, all of us have those dreams may be only who have the skills can achieve them...

yes, I figured out the cure...

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