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There we go again , i feel like my life is a mess i feel lonely maybe with all that people who talk to me and want or pretend to be my friend i do not need all that i just need one only one person that is trully loyal , brave , say the truth .....

There we go again wishing the impossible ... wanting what can't life give u .......

should i go ?

Leave u all ??

go to heaven cz even all what i did i know that God gonna forgive me ooh he's my only friend ... he always listing to my stories and all that shit that i said with no complinig how lucky am i to have u as a friend

hahaha writting leating tears drop over those cheks ...

even with all that crying i still smile am i okay ?

Am i normal ?

Please talk ????

don't let me here talking to myself !!!


Or shoul i stop writting .....


Hahaha i'm jus childesh i guess ..

i don't know what i want and i don't know what i don't want ...

ops and here u are you brown hair and those eyes you just so sooooo handsome uhmmm

i think i should go ..

i wish that u had the power to read this and know that i'm alone without u, i wish that u had the power to read this and read it again and know that i'm the one who writte all this cz of u .....

The more i hate u the more i became like u

the more i want u the more u goooo far far from me

i want u and i don't think u want me to

so instead of talk to u

i talk to u but not u .. i talk to your soul ..... to your heart ........after all i talk to you and that the matter .... you're the one who made me like this and i think you're the only one that can save me and i'm waiting for you , my prince.

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