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19 September 2019


rain everything just opposite to the rain, just not pure, just like everything is getting nasty and dirty, is it because of me? i don't know, am i the problem of my whole problem ? i just can't found [...]
11 September 2019


I hade a problem with my laptop, so I was off writing all time ( i used the old way sometimes when i couldn't save words anymore, using the paper and pen, but it wasn't good as you dear diary, so I [...]
Sep 2019
02 August 2019


I've been searching for words to describe what I'm going through right now, but sadly I didn't find anything, so I thought maybe talking about it, in general, can help isn't? I've been afraid to ask [...]
01 August 2019


Yea, it's been a while. but I feel empty again and I tried to talk to friends but I don't get better, the worst thing is I feel like no one understand me if you wondering why all that, I can tell you. [...]
Aug 2019
05 July 2019


It's been a week now I've been write in my laptop because i did want to let this anger inside me to help a bit to write a story or something but it didn't so i come back to the only thing and place where [...]
Jul 2019
26 June 2019


I just wake up and everything goes wrong why all the people just run out money, si money gives u what u need? cuz i don't have it and same time i want it i don t know i am just shocked that we can split [...]
26 June 2019


have that feeling that i should write something .. write before i explore all those feelings inside keep me fighting for things that i already don't want .. it's not the subject why i am here now.. dear [...]
23 June 2019


is it my fault ? is it my fault cause i look like him i act like him is it my fault that i am not good daughter to u ? i don't know anymore if it's or not searching for answers that no one want to [...]
12 June 2019


Same thing comes up again to my life summer began and i can't even injoy it . there's no school there's no place , run away too i'm stacking here inside that house ya they called him home but i don't [...]
Jun 2019
08 May 2019

Let it to burn them all

With no hellos and no goodbyes. I always talk about that sadness deep inside me, I always thought that I'm the only one that felt like that but I saw many interviews and many Instagrams comments [...]
May 2019
23 February 2019


There we go again , i feel like my life is a mess i feel lonely maybe with all that people who talk to me and want or pretend to be my friend i do not need all that i just need one only one person that [...]
Feb 2019
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